Denmark in Minecraft Survival

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Location: Denmark
Last Poll:April 26, 2017, 12:32 pm MDT

From February 2015 the server is closed indefinitely.

Explore Denmark in 4 trillion Minecraft blocks! Visit any Danish home address, school, workplace etc. and remodel it to your liking in a close-to-vanilla experience.

"Denmark in Minecraft Survival" holds a full copy of Denmark (including all buildings, sights, roads and landscapes) in scale 1:1 originally created by the Danish Geodata Agency.

Features: Freely accessible, family friendly server with swear filter, grief protection, live maps, address teleportation and much more.

Oplev Danmark i 4 billioner Minecraft blokke! Se din egen hjemmeadresse, skole eller lignende - alle bygninger, seværdigheder og landskaber er automatisk genereret og kan ombygges.

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