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Welcome to Grandiose PvP!

Don't be fooled by the newish state of the server; our staff has hefty experience moderating servers, and our infrastructure is 100% sound.

IWe pride our community upon an equal and fair experience for all players. That means no OP starter kits, full EULA compliance, and no bias when it comes to staff selection.

The one exception are our drop parties. If you are fortunate enough to be online when we hit 100 total votes, or accumulate $30 worth of donations, you will be treated to a giveaway that will certainly boost your slim odds of survival in the world of GrandiosePvP

Our staff includes:

magma83: Owner
rainstar440: Admin
rainstorm44444: Admin
Deathmor: Moderator
lexdahl: Moderator

You can visit our forums or apply for staff at our website;

You can purchase ranks and more at

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