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Server Address:mc.d-nexus.co:48627
Location: United States
Last Poll:April 26, 2017, 12:32 pm MDT

"The lag is low; the uptime is high (24/7 of course); the plugins are balanced (yes, you have to earn those diamonds); the admins are more than competent; and the community is friendly except when it comes to the occasional murder and robbery. 9/10 would bang on people's doors to recommend"

"Everyone is friendly and helpful, the plugins are a good balance between 'fun' and 'challenging', and the public areas (such as survival spawn, and the hub) are awe-inspiring -- sometimes I'll just wander around them to take in the sights. The staff is always quick to respond, whether it's fixing a problem, listening to suggestions, or answering questions"

- Reviews posted by users

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