Commander Craft

Active Users: 23/100
Server Status: Can't resolve dns
Location: Australia
Last Poll:April 26, 2017, 12:32 pm MDT

Commander Craft is a relatively new Minecraft server. We aim to provide an amazing community for you to play Minecraft with an awesome collection of plugins to make it exciting and interesting.

What can you expect from Commander Craft:
- Full 1.8
- Caring staff and owners
- Growing community
- Awesome donor perms
- No lag and 100% uptime

Survival Features:
- ALL players have /fly for FREE
- Custom swords plugin which allows the crafting of special swords
- The ability to sell claim blocks
- Cool pets plugin
- Lottery plugin
- Donor perms you might not see often on other servers such as /enchant /speed /spawner /spawnmob
- Dynamic map integrated with our website
- Massive PVP Arena
- Spleef Arena
- Wither Arena
- mcMMO
- Mob head drops
- Automated furnace system
- Mob Arena
- Grief prevention

Sound exciting Come join us now at!

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