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NOTE: We are on 1.12.2, even though the highest available option for server version is 1.11.2

Experience Minecraft in its purest form.
Dedicated to the game's roots, at PeakSurvival you will find a streamlined multiplayer experience inspired by the original Singleplayer gameplay. but still with many of the modern commodities that make the game better.

Choose your own playstyle.
Many enjoy the simple life of survival: exploring, building a home, and settling down in a community. Others enjoy an intense lifestyle of pvp, raiding, and uncertain alliances. At PeakSurvival we have the best of both worlds, with two worlds: Casual and Competitive.

Get started right.
Run out of the gates with useful starting gear and settle down with /home. In Casual, protect your home with land claims and upgrade it with items from the shop.

Join the brand new community now.
We are planning to add more world types as we grow and expect to roll out new features given time.
Sign up on our website at and join our server at the listed IP.

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