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Greetings Everyone,

=[Welcome To The MayHaven Project!]=

We Are Base On A Small Group Of Players
From Around The World Bringing You This
Awesome Server For Everyone To Get Together
And Have As Much Fun Together With Us.

This Server Is Themed Base On
The Series "Mianite".
As Most Of You May Know That "Mianite" Is
A RPG Survival Server Where Famous Youtubers
Such As Syndicate, Jericho, Firefox & CaptainSparklez
Are The Main Star Characters Of The Series.
But What Made "Mianite" Stand Out
Is That Special Characters Like
Gods, Wizards, Priest
Were Introduced And That
Personally, I Think It Was A Brilliant Idea.

But Unfortunately, It Was A Private Server That 99.99%
Of Us Wished We Could Join.

But... That Didn't Stop Us.
That Is Why MayHaven Project Is Doing
A "Mianite" Themed Server Which
Includes Our Very Own StoryLine!
We Are A Dedicated Group Of Players That
Wants To Show Off The Things We Have
Planned For You.

As You Join Our Server, You Will Spawn In
Our "God Choosing Room" Where You
Choose A God You Wish To Follow
Among The 4 Gods That We Have.
After Doing So, You Will Be Teleported To
Our Amazing Main Spawn Area That Was Build
By Our Very Own Realm Wizards!

Remember To Read Our /Rules
Before Proceeding On The Gameplay.
We Have Friendly & Helpful Staffs
That Is Always Available If You
Require Any Assistant.

We Also Have Awesome Starter Kits For You
New Players To Protect Yourselfs
Against Our Custom Mobs In The Realm.

As We Are A New Server Starting Out,
We Have So Much Plans Coming Your Way!!
(Also We Are Open To New Suggestions)

So Do Not Miss Out On The
Things Happening On The Server,
Come And Check Us Out,
Join Now!!

Hope To See All Of You Soon

Follow Our Twitter To Get Latest Updates About The Server
& Visit Our Website Too, Links Are Down Below!

Plugins Installed:
+ CombatLog
+ Custom Biomes
+ GriefPrevention
+ Vault System
+ SlimeFun
+ Custom Mobs
+ Prestiege System
+ Parkour

Twitter - @mayhavenproject
Website -
TeamSpeak -

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