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Last Poll:November 22, 2017, 3:59 pm MST

Hello and welcome to Crafty Blocks
Crafty Blocks is a fairly new kit pvp server.
Pick Between
- Scout (that uses a Python)
- Hunter (using the Type 95)
- Demoman (Desert Eagle, Explosive Putty, and Flashbangs)
- Gunslinger (Deasert Eagle and a Carbine)
- Flying Squirrel (Ak-47 and Elytra)
- Soldier (using the shotgun)
- Sniper (Hunting Rifle)

All the kits are Free!

Earn money for every kill to purchase in game cosmetics!
- Auras
- Hats
- Nicks
- Nukes
- Much more to come!

Newly added skyblock! 100 players max per island

New Content added Nearly every day!

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