Area Z12 Premium - Origins

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Location: United States
Last Poll:August 11, 2017, 7:48 pm MDT

Survival server always running the latest version of Minecraft (this site does not have the latest version option).

- Premium server - NO PIRATES
- Clans
- McMMo
- ChestShops
- Marry(with chatTAG: Love): Allows marry home, gifts and kisses
- Events: XP rains everyday at 23hrs
- Auctions
- Daily Money Rewards
- Self Bank for XP and Money
- Open places to build (not plots and all flags allows to changed like pvp, spawn mobs, etc...)
- Exclusive Arenas for PVP XP (with 24hrs of pvp enabled but dont loose your XP on death)
- VIP plans with P7 and iron golem spawners
- Owner: FabioZumbi12


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