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Welcome To ThatMiningLife

Luxury, dedication, and precision. These elements are implemented through all structures in ThatMiningLife. ThatMiningLife is pleased to debut an experienced and thoughtfully planned server that provides modern day opportunities and activities for minecraft players today. The server offers 4 stunning new worlds for minecraft players to choose and play from. The world’s are inspired by: Factions, Creative, Skyblock and Survival.

Each of the worlds are thoughtfully built with patience, and dedication. One unique feature that the server offers, is a custom built suburban town with 75 homesites and a large amenity facility designed for shops and events. Not only players can shop in the survival world, players can also shop in factions and skyblock. In addition, another unique server feature that the server offers, is Factions.

The Factions world is designed for players to interact with other players (PvP). Strategy and stealth skills are often recommended for players to survive while playing in factions. Furthermore, players are ought to create their own faction regardless if it’s a individual or cluster faction. The objective for players is to obliterate other players, build, and defend the home base and items from their enemies and possibly allies. In conclusion, players will need more power than claimed land, because this will allow their enemies to over claim. Which means they own your base.

To lighten up the mood and provide building experience opportunities. Players have the audacity to build in the creative world. The Creative world has an estimate of over 1 million plots; and each of plots are measured by 32 x 32 blocks. In this world, players are expected to congregate and to communicate with other players to experience the enjoyment of creativity.

In conclusion, Skyblock is a survival orientated world that is elevated up in the sky. The world is decorated with a collection of upscale islands that have their own unique biome with different lifestyle settings. This includes shops, event rooms, and other traditional necessities for minecraft players to indulge.

ThatMiningLife is pleased to provide a variety of rare opportunities for all minecraft players throughout the world. The server is now open to experience first hand.

Global Features:
Custom homes plugin
X-Ray Protection
Combat Log

Faction Features:
Custom built spawn
Able to blow up obsidian with TNT (7 TNT)
Able to acquire spawners with TNT (5% Chance)
PvP area
Small Faction Shop

Survival Features:
Custom built spawn
Custom built town
Buyable Homes
Buyable Shops
Griefprevention - Golden shovel to protect your builds
Jobs plugin - To make money
Small Server Shop

Skyblock Features: (Not Finished)
Custom built spawn
Ore Generator- Uses a cobblestone generator to make ores

Creative Features:
Custom built spawn

Noteworthy Features:
Website @
Fully Setup Discord @
Donator ranks setup for Factions, Survival, and Skyblock.
Amazing build team

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