The Broken Dimension

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Last Poll:August 20, 2017, 9:48 pm MDT

Hey Everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is LegitRisk. I'm a graphics designer and a server owner. I've been solo developing this entire server from ground up over the course of three or so years. It just seems everytime I make a breakthrough it seems like theres so much more to be done. The server type is Factions. We have bosses, crates, custom items and trades and a sort of token in game. You can buy ranks with in-game money earned over time. The rules are as follows. -1. No disrespecting staff or peers -2.No hacking -3.No X-Ray -4.No bypassing bans -5.No redstone spam -6.No chat spam -7.No discord micspam -8.No asking for ranks or items(staff included) -9.Keep swearing to a minimum. Ip: Website: Discord server: Personal Contact: TriTonTGaming#2537

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