Renzoku Survival

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Location: United States
Last Poll:June 9, 2017, 9:23 pm MDT

Hey there! We are a brand new semi-vanilla server! We have several plugins that enhance game play such as grief-prevention, land claim, custom enchants, player vaults(premium), multiworld(recently added creative world!), /tpa, /rtp, /back, rank system, voting rewards(they change periodically), donor shop/ranks, pvp arena(coming soon), keep inventory, economy, jobs, voting rewards, and in-game server shops!! All ages welcome, but please be respectful! We've also left in vanilla features such as fire-spreading and creeper/tnt explosions(disabled in protected areas). Only YOU can prevent forest fires(and explosions)!! Difficulty is set to hard and the world is amplified to make it a bit more challenging. There are no world borders, so explore until your heart is content! Parkour courses and mini-games will be added over time. The only MAJOR rule is ABSOLUTELY NO CHEATING!!! No modded clients, x-ray, etc(Optifine/shaders are ok). ANY offense will result in a PERMANENT ban. If this sounds like fun, then join us now! We look forward to meeting you!

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