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Server Address:mc.factionhouse.org:25567
Location: United States
Last Poll:June 21, 2017, 4:41 am MDT

My server is a community-based semi-op faction server.

The server has a massive spawn access to the fiery nether and no restrictions with world border as we believe players should be allowed to go as far as they want. We also Have awesome Rewards and minigames Like Koth! And Regular Updates!

We aim to use the best plugins that have the least amount of bugs so the server experience is a good one and I as an owner aim to keep players happy by listening to the opinions and implementing their ideas into the server. We also understand how hard it is when something goes wrong so that's why we guarantee we back up the server regularly.

If you like factions and Don't want the stress of losing your home in an event of a reset then we guarantee you will like this server as we regularly back the server up to ensure no data and homes are lost and if you like to make new friends then this server is right for you!

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