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Server Address:minecraftvvv.ddns.net
Location: United States
Last Poll:June 4, 2017, 6:01 pm MDT

Server Location: United States East Coast


Server Address: minecraftvvv.ddns.net

Version: 1.11.2

Gameplay Type: Vanilla+Semi-vanilla worlds (separate)

vVv Gaming is an organization currently focused around Rocket League, but expanding to other platforms and games such as Overwatch, Shellshock Live, Arma, CSGO, Golf With Friends, H1Z1, League of Legends, and Minecraft. Opening this server will allow users who have applied and been accepted to do whatever they want so long as it does not break any rules. We are not using any plugins because we believe it provides a better atmosphere with fewer complications to have no land protection where users can interact with each other with absolutely no barriers.

HUGE UPDATE! World 2.0 was released April 9th
World 2.0 is now Spawn, and applying only exists for World 1.0, our Vanilla world

We will be introducing a new event effective at the beginning of May. For every month there will be a themed event, and that event will happen on every Friday at 8pm EST.

This Month's Event: Dolimus
Dolimus is an event boss that will be taking place every Friday for the month of May at 8pm EST. To participate in the event, simply arrive EARLY and use the portal just below the prince's quarters in Altarith that goes to the arena next to the NPC Retnar. Once there, make sure you have been invited to the raid party and wait for the clock to strike 8pm. Once the boss is spawned and you have entered the arena, walking out of the boundaries will teleport you to spawn, so be careful. Dolimus is a Giant mob with 2000 HP (1000 Hearts) and a decent moveset that can easily crush a small group of players that aren't coordinated. You will always get your stuff back after the event if you happen to die, so we encourage ALL players to participate, regardless of level or class.

Nether and End worlds reset recently!

Referral system! Refer a friend and receive rewards!

World Separation: There are now two worlds, World 1.0 which is 99% Vanilla with almost no plugins whatsoever, and World 2.0 which is focused around quests, dungeons, pvp, leveling, and lore.

Positions are open!


Preface: All rules are interpreted at the staff member's discretion. Being banned will put you on a listing at www.mcbans.com, which means all players banned will also be banned from other servers using the same program through mcbans. There is only one appeal chance, once you are banned. This is a pure vanilla server with trust in the players who uphold the rules, and consequences on those who do not. All players are innocent until proven guilty, which means there are no restrictions on your gameplay whether you've spent an hour or a year on our server.A full list of rules can be found here

No spiteful swearing (!$#& YOU! = spiteful; I AM SO #%$1amp;%&G HAPPY! = not spiteful)
No racism, sexism, etc.
No hacking/exploiting
No griefing (Includes but is not limited to stealing, destroying blocks,
trapping players, killing players without consent to PvP, harassing other players through gameplay, and tampering with or placing objects or items that are not yours or in a place that isn't owned by you).
No trespassing on player land without permission (This rule is grey, see our documentation for further info)

Dedicated server: Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.3 GHz / 8 GB DDR3

APPLY FOR THE SERVER HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/Glju5E4rZNZZbSSZ2

IP Address: minecraftvvv.ddns.net

To be notified of acceptance for World 1.0, join our discord: https://discord.gg/vvv-gaming.

Applying for World 1.0 will take no longer than 12 hours, and being notified
requires a discord account. This is not required, but recommended. Be
aware not all users get accepted, and if you are not thorough enough you
will not be accepted.

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