Wildstar [Semi-Vanilla] [McMMO] [Quests]

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Location: United Kingdom
Last Poll:April 9, 2017, 7:49 am MDT

- Semi-Vanilla Server with No Griefing!
- NPCs and Quests!
- Combat Logging Prevention!
- Chat protection and ad prevention.
- Custom Shop Systems with NPCs!
- Custom Player Rank Board!
- 24/7 Active Staff!
- And of course, a completely lag-free environment.

Wildstar is a completely revamped Semi-Vanilla server that is working hard to grow its player base daily! We need your help to expand that. We take player suggestions seriously as well as how much fun they're actually having on our server. If it needs improvements your advice can implement them improvements! If it needs some sweet loving, we already have a ton of that from my loving arms! So come on down and Join us for a little bit of fun in the great land of Nexus alongside Wildstar!

IP: wildstar.mc.gg

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