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Location: United States
Last Poll:April 26, 2017, 12:32 pm MDT

Description: Shops, Grief-Protection, Survival, Friendly Staff, Custom Enchants, Economy, Buy Craft, Lockette, Killer Money, Auction House, Core Protection, Player Vaults, Auctions, Fast Craft, Marriage Master, Crastes Plus and many things to come in the future! Destroying the land purposely will get you a temp ban, so if you are going claim land, respect it, dont grief it, be organized about it, do not break random blocks, griefing your claim will get your claim removed. Join our discord:

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​Nicknames (With Color)
Nicknames (With no Color)
Mythical Crate Keys (1 or 3 or 5)
A Donor Rank
1000 More Claim Blocks
An Unban from the Server
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