AetherRaids [1.7-1.8]

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Location: United States
Last Poll:June 17, 2017, 1:52 pm MDT

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´╗┐Aether Raids is a 1.7/1.8 Factions server. Smooth PvP raiding is our main priority. Staff and player interactions is going to what makes us different from all the other casual servers. The server is unique in multiple different ways with the following.

- Custom Enchants
- GenBuckets
- $500 F TOP PRIZE
- UNIQUE Economy
- 24/7
- Chill Staff
- Spawners Farms
- Creepers drop TNT
- Lots of back ups to ensure the server is stable all the time!
- Youtubers!

You should play on AetherRaids if you are searching for a Faction PvP server to call home. There will be sure a Faction on the server willing to take you in! We receive new friends like you everyday like you looking for a place to call home.

- Looking for Mature Staff Members NOTE: Asking for Staff will put you on low priority list
- Looking for Youtubers with 250-500+ subs with 3+ Videos on the server.

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