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We have three different worlds you can play in.

This was officially our main world.
The generator of this world is large biomes.
It's a world with PvE, and no grief, with protection.
Claim land with a golden shovel, which is in /kit claim.
Here you can fight mobs, but cannot fight players.
Get to this world with /survival.

We have two creative worlds.
One is with plots, and the other one is with biomes and land claiming.
The plots are 100x100, with a sandstone floor.
The biomes world uses land protect, just like in the survival world.
Get to this world with /plots or /creative.

You can choose out of three sort of islands, but there are more to come.
Fun to play together with friends, or alone.
A small island with some basic stuff to start off with.
Start your own adventure on this little place.
Get to this world with /skyblock.

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