HaywireMC: Prison, Skywars and Survival Games!

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Server Address:haywiremc.mcph.co:33750
Location: United States
Last Poll:April 26, 2017, 12:32 pm MDT

We are a small prison server currently who hopes to expand into a network! Tokens are how you advance in this prison. You earn them for voting, ranking up, prestiging, and donating! But you're gonna need them if you want to progress. The gameplay has been tested to make sure it is enjoyable without donating. Features include:
- AutoPickup
- Explode Enchant
- Prestiging increases the rank price but gives you tokens so you can augment your pickaxe, giving you the amazing feeling of progtess
- Cheap donor ranks that you don't need to buy to progress
- Rewards for mining certain amounts of blocks

While on our server, you can also play Survival Games and Skywars.

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