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Welcome to LucentCraft!

We are a unique 1.10 Factions server as we strive for individual excellence among our players and wish to build an incredible community guided by our active and friendly staff.

After joining the server, you can select 1 of 6 classes, each of which will have an important role in Faction battles. Each class will gain unique spells and McMMO abilities. Our classes include: healer, soldier, adept, dwarf, jester, and scout. There are 3 ranks within each class which you can rank-up by using in-game money earned from Jobs, Player Shop Plots, and Auctions.

As we are only a week old, there are very few factions established! Take this opportunity to build up your faction to be the best before competition arises!

We will be hosting fun and exciting events each month! Ensure to visit our website for specific event details.

We value community feedback immensely, so feel free to post suggestions on our forums.


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