DwD Semi-Vanilla

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Server Address:vanilla.dwdg.net
Location: United States
Last Poll:July 28, 2017, 6:58 am MDT

Welcome to DwD Semi-Vanilla Minecraft! \o/

We are a survival server that uses grief prevention for land claims and McMMO to spice things up a bit. We have minigames, plus more to come. We also have a wilderness world to gather materials and pvp your friends.

The only thing left you do now is make new friends and...


Hard server difficulty. Mobgriefing off in the main world. Player-based shops and player ran economy. Open world PvP is disabled. Lots of little mechanic additions to enhance your survival experience. Friendly community that is always open to new ideas. No tolerance for rule-breakers, hackers, or general negativity. Lots of custom plugins from our very own highly reputable plugin developer.

Come check us out! ^_^

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