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Location: United Kingdom
Last Poll:April 26, 2017, 12:32 pm MDT

Welcome to CrimsonCo Community !

CrimsonCo is a new Minecraft server running on latest version of Crackpack (1.1.0). We are new community with open admin team for anyone with the skill and knowledge of admin/moderator stuff. More details about it on dedicated pages.
Our community is based on absolutlely the most basic rules.
1. Griefing is allowed on non-protected land
2. Be nice in chat, no racism or direct rudeness toward other players and no spam or advertising other server
3. Do NOT ask for ranks, this will only leads to removing your chance to actualy get such rank
4. No duping
5. No using Items to grief otherwise they will get banned.
We use grief Prevention to claim bases
Also with minimum of banned items, only those who are extremely harmfull for map like Nuke and elemetal fire, but for the rest our policy is to rather ban player who would use it in harm way then ban item as whole.
Server IP: CrimsionCo.PlayAt.CH

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