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Last Poll:April 26, 2017, 12:32 pm MDT

Welcome! to the Aluzen FTB Network

Currently, we have to offer both Infinity Evolved and Infinity Evolved Skyblock. (Currently the skyblock server is still being setup as there is a little bit more to do than the infinity server, but that will be up and running very soon!)

Both servers will have chest protection to protect your items, PVP is only on in the Normal Inifnity server as is land protection via Towny; Raiding is allowed in the wilderness, if its not claimed under a towny protection, it's fair game. PVP is a on good term basis ONLY (i.e. if both parties say yes, then PVP is allowed)

Some Decent starting kits to begin with, should help get you a leg up in the game, instead of making you start from scratch and fend for yourself.

Custom Voting Tokens help you gain items that would otherwise be impossible to get.

(A note for the Skyblock Server: Ex nihilo is enabled, so I would suggest you visit Ex Nihilo Mod Forum that will give you what you need to progress on the island)

The Nether and End DO NOT RESET
First come first serve with the nether and the end

MystCraft is disabled

Quarries of Any type are D+ ONLY (If caught using one, and you're not a D+ it will be removed, and you will be punished accordingly)
Turtles of Any Type D+ ONLY (Same as above)

(Note: these banned items can change at any item, without notice)

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