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Welcome to flashcraftmc.net. We are proud to announce the opening of our network server.

There are total 8 servers in this network. There is Op Faction, Creative Faction, Survival Faction
with Custom Enchant, Vanilla Faction with McMMo, The Walking Dead Gun Server, KitPvP, Skywar, SG
and McInfected.

For player who likes to build you can select to join our Creative Faction server. You can
create a faction n claim your building. No Raiding but beware of griefing. Because griefing
is possible if you invite the wrong faction member. So be careful when you chose your faction

For those who loves mining and crafting come join our op, survival and vanilla faction servers.
Create a faction n expand it bigger and stronger. Equipped with Custom Enchant plugin install,
you can make your very own awesome and powerful armour n tools. In vanilla faction, there is
MCMMO where you can level up your status while you play. Defend your faction claimed base against
the enemies. Fight to stay alive, this is what survival is.

Remmeber the movie "TheWalkingDead"? Come and join us on a horrifying and challenging experience
in our Walking Dead server. Search for food and shelter during the days because you will have
a hard time staying alive with those blood sucking zombies roaming around at night. Can you
survive the night? Come and try it now.

Last but not least, for those who loves minigames, we have 4 minigame servers for you to chose.
Skywar, Kitpvp, McInfected and Survival Games servers. Select the one you like from our lobby and
start your game journey. Kill your opponent now n increase your kill status. The more you kill the
higher rank you promote. We have a auto ranking system that rank you up as your kills increased. So
good luck everyone, start killing and starting ranking up.

McInfected may be kinda new to some players. Its a fun n interesting game where you join a game as
zombie warrior or human. You have to run away from the zombie. If you get killed by a zombie, you
will be infected and you become a zombie. Stay alive until the time expire. Run for your life, do not
get infected.

So come and join us now for more minecraft fun and challenging experience. Who says a block game can be
boring? It's so much fun!

Join us now at flashcraftmc.net. For more information you can login to our website at:

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