Destruction and Despair

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Location: United States
Last Poll:September 16, 2017, 4:58 am MDT

Are you looking for a fun pvp factions server with guns, machines, and a futuristic theme? Well if you are, you're in luck! If you arent, then you should still take a look at our pack! Our discord channel is: and you can download our custom modpack here: When you log into our server, you will spawn in a giant dome, and will be guided to the randomtpsigns in which you can go far from spawn. You will be provided with a helicopter, some food, a gun, and a few tools, but after that, you're on your own. Lifes tough, you can get raided, you can get killed, you can get scammed, robbed and all of the above.

More information:

We have thermal expansions, mekanism, big reactors, flans, aquaculture and around 50 mods total.

The modpack is 1.7.10, and the server will automatically be in the list when you download it.

The server has many plugins, such as factions, customenchantments, permissions ex, and including some custom plugins (we have more but these are some of the main ones)

The server has 60 Slots, is professionally hosted by and is online 24/7.

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