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Last Poll:June 15, 2017, 10:29 am MDT

Minecraft Survival Server

Semanti is all about community.

New. Friendly. Almost-vanilla.

If you're tired of being lost in the crowd with massive multi-world servers, Semanti might be the place for you. Strike up new friendships. That's what the multiplayer community is all about anyway.

We're a pretty new server. So there's lots of opportunities to be a part of the server startup through spawn builds, suggestions/staff interaction, and content creation. Give us your input. We're listening.

Our intention is to keep our survival and economy gameplay aspects as vanilla-ish as possible, while still providing a few necessities and extra features that make multiplayer gaming fun. In addition to the basic anti-cheating and anti-griefing plugins, our semi-vanilla survival server features include...

Ranks and rewards: based on voting

Teleportation: /spawn /sethome /hi (home invite)

Plugin features: HeadDrops, Shopkeepers

Minigames: Spleef, Quicksand DrawMyThing, IcyTower (More coming soon!)

Contributor Perks: Custom Ranks, Chat-Nametag-Sign Colors, Hats, Particle Trails, Lightning, Block Pets

If it's your first time logging on the server, tell an in-game admin the secret code for a free 1k claim block boost and 10 diamonds.

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