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Location: Canada
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Server Name: AddictCraft smp
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Difficulty: Normal
Version: 1.8.8


Welcome to Addicraft, our survival and creative splendour. We're always constantly improving, upgrading, and using our combined creativity to get the most out of minecraft, where you're in control of your world.

Our server is suitable for people of all ages. We try to make sure everyone is looked after, whether you are just starting out or after somewhere new to establish yourself. Here are just a few simple features we have to make sure you get the best game play every time.

+ Expandable plots
+ Multiple Set home
+ Grief prevention
+ Friend Trust
+ /spawn Command
+ Quests/Treaure
+ Parkour
+ Pvp and Pve Arena

So set out, explore and claim new land as your own. We encourage you guys to create, build and form friendships.

With the help of our admins we have been able to add a creative server to the mix accessed from spawn. 2 plots are claimable to all users as we like to treat are users equally. Users of all ages are welcome and we have friendly staff who will ensure the server is safe from rule breakers.

Rules: This is just a simple list of rules in which are also located at spawn and more in-depth information on the website.
- No Griefing
- No Spamming
- No Mods and/or Hacking (However we allow Minimaps and Optifine)
- No Advertising

NOTE: We are in the process of going through changes as we grow in numbers and request as we want to make AddictCraft the best community we can.

Staff Memebers: AddictiveG (Owner) TechGGaming (Co-Owner) bcrfaft (Admin) Rush (Moderator) Monotigger (Moderator) Pixel (Moderator)

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