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Saturn Survival Minecraft Server

Saturn Survival is a quality Survival Multiplayer server themed with a taste of space and planets in the solar system. We are a friendly and welcoming community. We have many features such as McMMO, Economy, Custom Achievements, Ranks, Parkour, Player Shops and many others to enhance the game and offer many different things to do and engage in. We are a humble server and have been online since February of 2015 and we would love you to join us.

We strive to provide good quality game play and appropriate staffing and moderation to accommodate for all ages of players and different types of people. Our staff are hard working and fun.

One of our prime game features is the economy and currency of money and tokens. There are many different ways of obtaining these virtual items in which by doing various things around the server. This money and tokens can be used to purchase perks and benefits in the shops!

Thank you for checking out our server and we would love to see you join us on this journey!

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