# 1 Featured Server

# OtterCraft - Survival

play.ottercraft.net -
Version: 1.11.2

Want your server here? Find out how here

#126 Syntic Factions (24/7) - United Kingdom
Version: 1.9

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

Syntic Factions / syntic.mcpro.io =========================== Our host is https://www.server.pro We're running this server out of our own pockets.This is the server ip: syntic.mcpro.io If the standard ip doesn't work try this:

#127 Bearded Gaming MC

bearded-gaming.ddns.net -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 4/100 - Votes: 35

Have you been looking for a Ftb Infinity Evolved server with raid or factions? Well look no further! Bearded Gaming is a new server that is run by the players for the players. We have a staff team that incorporates fair judgement instead of banning all of our problems away. Have fun! Check out our website: https://bearded-gaming.enjin.com/ Server specs: 2x Intel Xeon L5520 CPUs 24GB of ECC RAM 1TB HDD 128mb/s down and 25mb/s up internet connection *WORK IN PROGRESS*


#128 CyanideMC

play.cyanidemc.net -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 82

CyanideMC is a server that runs Skyblock. Supports 1.8-1.12 Website: Coming Soon Store: buy.cyanidemc.net Discord: https://discord.gg/jzqQPAT

#129 EZPvp

ezpvp.g-s.nu -
Version: 1.8.9

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Server that's kitpvp, factions, skyblock, and creative! looking to add more! Owner mostly active on kitpvp and skyblock! Join today and have a chance to get 45% off of all products!


#130 UltronFactions

ultronfacs.cubed.pro -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Staff positions available! - Builder, Helper, Moderator, Admin, Staff Manager, Developer, YouTuber Apply on Discord: https://discord.gg/ufSEsF4 Server version: 1.12


#131 SkyCookieBlock

skycookieblock.mcph.co -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

On our server, we have Skywars, Rush (bedwars) and Kitpvp. We are still working on adding new games and new maps On skywars, we will add more kits and maps On Rush, we will be adding more maps On kitpvp we will might add maps but we will be adding more kits We have friendly staff on our server 1.8.8 server SkyCookieblock

#132 ElectroPvP

electropvp.mcpro.io -
Version: 1.8.9

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

It has so many Gamemodes . make sure u have FUN!

#133 AtomicKong - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/48 - Votes: 0

VERSION 1.12 .Hi! We are a new server with high hopes, We have few staff members and applications are always welcome. Just play for a bit to boost your chances of acceptance. We are looking for players and currently have 48 slots available. Server is 24/7.

#134 German Minelife | Minecraft Reallife

mc.german-mine.life -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/1000 - Votes: 0

[img]https://abload.de/img/laggh7u0p.png[/img] [img]https://abload.de/img/werbungaqo9j.jpg[/img]

#135 Mythical Trinity

play.mythicaltrinity.de -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 3

Welcome to Mythical Trinity! Server Language: English This is a survival/rpg server with three different races, quests, towns and no world borders. There will be certain events such as allying against armies of mobs, defending certain cities and much more. Help us to have a great gameplay. "At a time, when the first men came into this lands, at a time, when no lords and no ladies ruled it, there still was life. Animals lived in their forests, the birds roamed their skies and the dragons slept in their caves. Wolves lived aside with skin-walkers - half their kind and half man. All animals lived in peace with one and another. One day, men travelled through the far plains and forests. They found the place very friendly and built their first settlement. From that moment on, the place wouldn't ever be the same again. With men the diseases spread. Dissatisfaction led to battles. Wars evolved from those battles. Settlements fell apart and men died. The blood-red lands attracted new creatures. Creatures, that feed from the dead and later also from men alive. The bloody disease spread and zombies and walking skeletons roamed the night and dark places. They were led by cold creatures that would burn in sunlight: Vampires. Now, after many, many years, vampires, human and werewolves get along better. They still occasionally fight but in general they get along with each other."


#136 SlogWorks

slogworks.serv.nu - Netherlands
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

SlogWorks is een Nederlanderse server (Dutch). De ultieme Kingdom/minetopia server! Word nu een koning of baas van een bedrijf! Word een ondernemer of ambtenaar! Het kan allemaal in onze server! Site: SlogWorks.weebly.com (Met Empire wands) (Binnenkort ook met messen en bivak mutsen)

#137 Dragons Revolution

dragonsr.mcpro.co -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Welcome to Dragons Revolution! The owner is KaiTechG And Logan_Wolf21 I hope you enjoy the stay!


#138 Battle of C Kingdoms

halodbc.ddns.net -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

Dragon Block C Server. Custom server saga and features.

#139 CouthyMC -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Factions and Prison, everything you could possibly love! CouthyMC is a family friendly Network! Come check out our server for plenty of fun!

#140 CoinCraft

coincraftmc.net -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

WHAT IS COINCRAFT? CoinCraft is a network that has a lot of back story. CoinCraft started production back in June with our staff team of 4-5 players. Our developers worked tiresly on this network. At first it wasn't even going to be a Factions server. We were going to start it as a minigames server with Skywars, Survivalgames, a Hub, and much much more. Unfortunately, due to funds and financing we had to close down those servers and we decided to take a leap and go for a Factions server. WHY FACTIONS? The reason we decided to do Factions was based on a group decision on what we thought would be the most successful. Yes, there are a LOT of faction servers out there in the Minecraft community but we knew we could change the game. If we had stuck with minigames the player to play ratio would be horrible. There would be very little players complaining because nobody would be able to play a certain mini-game with them due to the lack of players on that game-type. CoinCraft factions is not and will not be your normal factions server you see on Minecraft today. We brought in custom plugins, custom world generation, and custom enchantments onto the server to put you the player in a better experience than most Faction servers. Just because we made a Factions server to start off CoinCraft does not mean we're going to stop there. Later down the road we will introduce more servers and more games and activities for you to enjoy here on CoinCraft. WHAT'S SO SPECIAL? The features and gadgets on this server are extroardinary. To start off, we have a custom mob leveling plugin that changes the health and damage of every mob in the game. The farther you go from spawn, the harder the mobs will get adding a hardcore feel to the world. When killing mobs, they will drop XP that you can use to levelup your health making you stronger. Another feature is the ability for mobs to drop custom enchantments when they die. The custom enchantments will show what it does and the success and destroy rate for that enchantment. If you need money throughout your experience on the server you can vote on our server for keys, money, xp, and other cool perks from our Crate system! We added 6+ crate tiers at /warp Crates where each tier up the rewards will get better and better. Once you setup a Faction and get settled you can duel players and friends for money and enjoyment! Currently we have 1v1 dueling but 2v2's and 3v3's will be added later down the road. If you're still not satisfied we added 5 donation ranks that you can purchase on our website for better things like fly, disguises, trails, money, mcmmo credits, and more. These are just the basics of our server and we look forward to you finding even more!

#141 RankUp - United Kingdom
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Come join a bran new 1.12 minecraft server Running an awesome new rank up feature that you will love!


#142 furious mining

mc.furiousmining.com -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

This is a friendly server. It is increasing the number of people that joins every day. It has a lot of mini games such as skywars, paintball, pvp, skyblock, parkour and lots more. You can also collect coins from each game and with those coins unlock kits. hope to see you there!


#143 FatalMC | MAP RESET TODAY - Unique factions server [1.8 - 1.12]

play.fatalmc.net -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/72 - Votes: 41

PRIZE FTOP MONEY | RESET | 50 OFF SALE Welcome To FatalMC. We are a friendly active community. We have over 700+ total players who has joined the server! We try to make our server different from other factions server. We also have a PRIZE for top Faction We have great friendly Staff and friendly players. I really think our server has a bright future, but its far from it being finished 100. If you have any suggestions for us to make our server great. Post your suggestions in our website! @fatalmc.net Your welcome to just join and chill : Our server IP: mc.playfatalmc.com

#144 TMAFactory -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

IT SAYS 1.11.2, BUT IT IS ACTUALLY 1.12 AS THERE IS NO 1.12 OPTION...... This is a minigame server with Skywars, Bedwars, Skyblock, and Quicksand (TNT Run)! For updates, visit the website!

#145 MirrorCraft -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0


#146 IssaKnifePrison

issaknifeprison.ddns.net -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

ts a prison server with plent of features like mines from A-Z and a black market with cells you can sell your items in there are daily rewards so enjoy. Enjoy :D Work In Progress Need Staff. Online Players - Last 24 h


#147 SneakAttackCraft

sneakattackcraft.com -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 3

Looking for a good classic traditional game of Minecraft? SneakAttackCraft offers all the basics, near traditional, with just a couple tweaks to help protect your stuff! Come play with us!

#148 Drug World

drugworld.beastmc.com -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

We are a brand new server. We are a Survival / PvP / Drug server looking for builders and staff. We will be coming out with more plugin and new ideas for the server to grow in the future. IF YOU WANT TO BECOME STAFF JOIN THE DISCORD ----> https://discord.gg/vfBHDTD (Mic's Necessary)(Age Does Not Matter)


#149 NamaiCraft Beyond the New Frontier

beyond.namaicraft.com -
Version: 1.12

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

NamaiCraft Server Information: Ip: beyond.namaicraft.com Website: www.namaicraft.com Server Version: 1.9.0 TeamSpeak: ts3.namaicraft.com Discord: https://discord.gg/tpXuNDS Server Features: /ftb sethome and /ftb back available to all users Friendly community and staff Family focused community Land Protection All age allowed. PVE/ Full survival experience Very little banned items. Server Rules: No Client side mods / hacks. (Only maps and better fps allowed) No scam items or ingame money. NO GRIEF or Raid. No begging for items/IGM/Ranks. No racism/bulling allowed All mobfarms need an ON/OFF systems. Use your common sense. Show respect to all the community members and Staff. No excesive cursing or sexual related in main chat English in main chat. We are looking for new members, and new friends, so if you are tired of all those servers where you get grief and bad treated, you should give us a chance and join us today. Hope see you soon online.

#150 Mine4Eternity -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/51 - Votes: 95

Your new favorite Minecraft Server! Community-focused Survival with custom minigames. We have Escape Rooms which were made only for this server. Smashworld is a game where you purposely grief. KPVP is entirely custom-built with maps available nowhere else. We have Skywars with half of the maps original and the other half chosen because we liked them and you will too! Responsive administrators and positive, welcoming, community!