# 1 Featured Server

# OtterCraft - Survival

play.ottercraft.net -
Version: 1.11.2

Want your server here? Find out how here

#176 Void Prison -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/12 - Votes: 0

Void Prison Void Prison is a fun and outgoing community where ALL players/staffs welcomes you! Void Prison is a OP Prison server with all the Ranks/Mines completed from A-Z with amazing designs and unique textures. Void Prison has been a server that have been worked on for about a year and a half now and is ready to be opened to the world ! Everything is designed with creativity and uniqueness. Void Prison looks forward to the future and hopes for many players to enjoy and tell their friends/family to join! If you'd like to support Void Prison feel free to DIAMOND and FAVORITE the server! Void Staff Team: Owner: AznNinja_ Moderator: BunBurys Moderator: _Kookie_ Moderator: EbClarinet Helper: IonicCow7 Helper: MERKABROTHA Helper: LilNougat


#177 mineworld120

mineworld120.com -
Version: 1.10.2

- Users: 0/104 - Votes: 0

Welcome to Mineworld120.com Network! We are a community based faction/PVP/minigame server just here to have fun! We have a variety of minigames including Spleef, Paintball, Mob Arena, OP Kit PVP, Block Hunt, Maze, And so much more!! We are in need of amazing builders we need about 1 or 2 right now. Our staff is always friendly and will help you with your every need! Thank you so much! Dragonbaseball16/ Alex

#178 KittyCraftNetwork -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/250 - Votes: 0

Come and join our new faction server we are looking for more members to come and play on our faction server :D

#179 TeliPrisons -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 3/500 - Votes: 0

A Brand new OP Prisons that is constantly changing and updating to give the player an epic experience? That's new! Earn your freedom at TeliPrisons!

#180 LeafNetwork -
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

A fun minigame server! Join now! ;)

#181 ReflexMC

play.reflexmc.net:26858 -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

ReflexMC is a unique prison server. With our range of exclusive custom plugins, players will enjoy endless hours of fun. Our dedicated hardware will ensure the server does not experience any form of lag. Our friendly and professional staff members will always ensure all players are having the ultimate experience on our server. If you ever wish to help out our community our staff applications are always open if your interested. Also, voting helps us a lot, and you get an awesome reward too!

#182 FarRealms

play.farrealms.net -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x

- Users: 0/250 - Votes: 0

FarRealms is an upcoming network with fun unique servers. FarRealms offers the players hours of fun. As for quality we do not spare a penny on our servers. Website: www.FarRealms.net Server Ip: Play.FarRealms.Net We hope to see you around on our server :D


#183 Insignia Network

mc.insigniapvp.com:25807 -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

InsigniaPvP is a brand new minecraft server starring MistPhizzle and Orion's ProjectKorra plugin, also with Factions, KitPvP, and our in-progress Prison server, We run in Economy, PvP, Arenas, Survival, and more! Battle it out in all-out war in Factions, gather your allies to fight against your enemies! Escape our prison with A-Z ranks and prestiges! Our arenas are 100% custom made and will give you a great time testing your skills on other players! We are also looking for staff. Come apply if you want!

#184 Webbcraft Prison - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

We are a small prison server looking for players to come and have fun. Have fun and try and escape! Please do not come on just looking for a staff role!

#185 FireCraft

mc.firecraftnetwork.com:28371 -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/500 - Votes: 0

Welcome to FireCraft! We have 2 server currently Prison and KitPvP


#186 OMGCloudMC

omgcloudmc.com - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Welcome to OMGCloudMC! We are a renound server based on the popular gamemode of OP Prison! We dedicate ourselves to ensure that the server becomes one of the best in its category and we strive to do so via the wide range of plugins and the friendly, vigilant staff which will ensure your experience is the best it possibly can be! We are fairly new and will be slowly implimenting new features as we develop as a server. If you have any suggestions or need to appeal a ban, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at " OMGCloudMc@outlook.com"

#187 Venus Op Prison Need staff -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

Venus Op Prison We need staff and builders For Warps and prison

#188 KripTik Craft

mc.kriptik.xyz:26913 - United Kingdom
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/400 - Votes: 0

Want an op prison server 24/7 uptime join mc.kriptik.xyz:26913, run by the community for the community. That's what we think a good prison server should be


#189 Exodus Network

play.exodusmc.net -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/1000 - Votes: 0

ExodusNetwork is a upcoming Minecraft Network that is designed to perfection. The 5 fun gamemods are created to keep you entertained. The staff are carefully handpicked by the leadership team, and you are bound to have a great time. Make new friends or bring your own, you'll have fun either way! See you on Exodus! :) - The ExodusNetwork Leadership Team


#190 IPunchCraft

ipunchcraft.net -
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0


#191 FriendlyPVP Network

play.friendlypvp.ml -
Version: 1.8.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Welcome to the FriendlyPVP Network user!! We currently have, Factions Kitpvp Soon to come, Creative plots..

#192 SunCrafting -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/12 - Votes: 0

creative kitpvp skyblock factions prison

#193 DidierCraft

mc.didiercraft.com - Ecuador
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Servidor Nuevo con minijuegos y muchos rangos este server es espaƱol de Ecuador

#194 Perl Prison :25959 -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/8 - Votes: 0

Welcome to Perl Prison! We are a well developed OP Prison server. We have tons of awesome unique features, including plugins and maps! We are currently looking for staff, although.


#195 FlarePlex

flareplex.com - New Zealand
Version: 1.9

- Users: 0/150 - Votes: 0

[img]https://i.imgur.com/YgG6zON.png[/img] [b]Text version:[/b] [b]About FlarePlex[/b] FlarePlex is a nonprofit server dedicated to bringing a high standard of quality and worksmanship to minecraft. We host a number of projects, and are constantly experimenting with new ways to improve. Our for-profit sister project, FlareGames.nz runs and manages minecraft events under the same name. Our staff and build teams are kept to a high quality, and work with the community to produce high quality builds and gamemodes. [b]Gamemodes[/b] FlarePlex currently has 2 gamemodes, Factions Survival and Prison. We're working on releasing new modes, and are constantly updating our content.


#196 EliteKraft MC Network

play.elitekraft-mc.net:25836 -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Server IP: [u]play.elitekraft-mc.net[/u] //[u] elitekraft.com[/u] [i]Features: - 1.7 and 1.8 compatible - No server whitelist - Great and lovable community - Balanced in-game economy - Loads of customized plugins - Endless PvP and raiding - Tons of upcoming events[/i] What are you waiting for? Join our server now!


#197 The Pit MC

play.thepitmc.com -
Version: 1.8.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

We are a cool and unique prison server that just re-opened after 3 months of downtime. This time has allowed us to add tons of new features! Come check us out, play.thepitmc.com! Our server features: - 100% custom-coded plugins - Prison experience with fun twists - Minigames - Gadgets - Friendly and active community and staff

#198 TheosisPrison - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

A unique and fun-to-play prison server with friendly and helpful staff, a great community and sophisticated plugins which have been thoroughly configured for maximum fun!

#199 Waken Prison - Denmark
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/60 - Votes: 0

Danish Prison server

#200 TekFlex -Tekkit Classic-Factions-Prison- - Belgium

- Users: 0/48 - Votes: 0

TekFlex! What do we stand for? We stand for a kind and adventures server who would like to become big. If you would like to join our mission you can fill in a staff app! Why should you choose for us? 1. NO BANNED ITEMS 2. We have a very kind Staff-Team who will always be at your service! 3. Many possibility's to play your favorite game (More coming in the future). 4. Willing to learn new things from players that know a lot about servers. 5. Only a few rules Why shouldn't you check this server out? See you soon!