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#1351 MiscCraft Need Staff -
Version: 1.6.2

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

Hi guys this is my server.It's awsome!! Join Now!! :D Also I need staff!


#1352 Mc.SkyWarz.Net | Sky Wars | Kit PVP | FLY | Over 100 custom Maps!

mc.skywarz.net -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/550 - Votes: 0

UPDATE: KIT VP SERVER NOW OPEN HOLDS 200 PEEPS 1-1-2014 Mc.SkyWarz.Net is a brand new server owned by an Old School Minecraft Pro. All Maps are custom made by the Owner himself. We cater to Sky Wars and Kit PVP lovers! We have over 100 custom maps and will keep you playing 24/7 ! This game is the ultimate in Mine Crack! Come see why Mc.SkyWarz.Net will soon be the worlds top Sky Wars server!

#1353 Xile PVP | NEW | Factions | Grief | Raid | Economy | and more! -
Version: 1.10

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

Xile PVP is a hardcore, factions, griefing, raiding, server, with an economy allowing players to purchase and sell loot. Why should you join us and not another server? Well this was made from a pvp fanatic not someone who doesn't even play the game, I am a huge pvp fan and know what players like, so I took everything you could ever want, and put it into this server. Server features! Anti-pvp logger protection Anti-Safezone camping protection Tp delay No chest protection Limited land protection (still does not protect chests) Economy with shops allowing you to buy and sell items Friendly staff and active owner Votifier Much more! Help us grow and become a larger community by giving this post a diamond and voting for us if you enjoy the server!

#1354 Flame Prison -
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/40 - Votes: 0

FlamePrison is a 24/7 prison server. You will start off as any other prisoner in real life would start out, at the bottom of the totem pole, as you work your way up there will be new skills, levels, items, shops and even housing. There are 5 obtainable ranks A B, C, D, and more coming soon! Each offer a Different and challenging way to rank up. There is PvP in most locations, besides the Selling and Mining areas. Hope to see you on Flame Prison! Flame Prison has tons of ranks, and more you can donate for! Ranks on the server are obtained with the in-game currency. You can earn in-game money by mining and doing jobs around each of the blocks. You get to the next rank by typing /buyrank.

#1355 Alkatras Prison -
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

Newly built Prison server community gaining players quite quickly. We are a NO whitelist prison. You earn you ways up through the ranks we have. We also have doner ranks you can look at with special permissions and ability. Join the Alkatras Community today! :ADDED: A easy access Auctioning plugin for all users. /warp Zombie features a replication of nuke town from black ops 2. Very fun! Owners of this server are: Night_hawk002 and ant115.

#1356 pixel generations -
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

a great pixelmon server tell an admin that cheese_bro refered you youll get 1 rare candy from cheese_bro also the server is up idk why it says its down


#1357 Quasar Network

s27.hosthorde.com:25831 -
Version: 1.7.5

- Users: 0/64 - Votes: 0

Factions, PvP, Survival, RPG, MiniGames, and More!


#1358 KazeCraft [Factions][PvP][Survival][Creative][Skyblock][Survival

play.kazecraftpvp.com -
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/82 - Votes: 0

KazeCraft is here to present the server which will fulfill all your needs. We have: -Factions (Completely fixed and working) -Creative World (For your building fantasies) -Skyblock (For those crafty and puzzle-solving people) -Survival Games (Find loot and survive with minimal gear. Last person wins!) and lots more! __ So what are you waiting for? Join today! IP: play.kazecraftpvp.com Website: http://www.kazecraftpvp.com

#1359 NightPrison

nightprison.serverminer.com - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Welcome to nightprison We have LOADS of plugins and with a OP Kit you cant go wrong! So come on down to our server

#1360 Ridthefallens Prison -
Version: 1.5.2

- Users: 0/120 - Votes: 0

prison server please join first ten = free stuff

#1361 PixeledPrison

mc.pixelednetwork.com:25591 -
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/56 - Votes: 0

#1362 MinePro -
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/70 - Votes: 0

welcome to MinePro. Our server has plenty of fun fun games that are fun to play with friends or just by your self the more mini games you play the more money you receve to spend in skyblock or in factions in the shop! :3 MinePro also has very little lag. we promise that you will love our server. and all of or staff are very friendly so please join today and have FUN

#1363 Demonic Gaming - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/150 - Votes: 0

Demonic Gaming Prison A Minecraft Prison Server IP: Contact us here. www.stormgaze.net The Prison We don’t just give Guard ranks away for nothing, We only give it to the most loyal, helpful and trustworthy Players. With Custom coded plugins we can give a an experience that no other Prison Server has to offer. With our own Website you can get up to date Reports on the server and find out how to contact us about queries. In Advance, We hope you have a great time on the Server. Regards: - Zombie Want to help out the Server? Donate http://stormgazeprison.net Donations We have multiple Donations options: On the server use /buy Or http://demonicgamingprison.buycraft.net/ Server Rules Do not use any mod, hack or 3rd party programs. Do not spam the chat. Do not cause any server Glitches. Do not glitch out of the prison. Do not abuse the areas you can build. Do not advertise other servers. Prison Rules (Breaking these may result in temporary confinement or solitary, but will not result in a kick or ban.) Do not attack other prisoners/guards. Although PVP is allowed in the PVP Arena. Never be in possession ofcontrabanditems. If a Guard sees an item, he/she will count down from 5. If you do not hand it over, the following will happen:In a PVP-Zone: The Guard will attack,In a Non-PVP-Zone: The Guard will Jail. Do not camp the spawn, work areas, shops, etc. Do not run to Non-PVP during a Guard fight, the Guard will count down from 5. If you do not exit again to fight, you will be jailed. Hopping across the PVP and non-PVP border multiple times in order to beat the system will result in jail time. Ranks D C B A Free: Free users are allowed to enter and exit the prison, and visit any sector they please. Free users must still follow prison rules when inside the prison. Guard: Patrols the prison and makes sure the rules are beingenforced. Breaks Fights, Kills offenders, and confiscates contraband

#1364 Jail PVP -
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

This is a prison server with pvp, ranks, plots, mines and more!!!!

#1365 The Kingdoms Network

thekingdoms.org:25575 -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Offering you a lag free network, containing OP Prison, factions and many more to come, with features such as plots, crates, vote for keys, economy, minigames and much more fun things to do! We offer you an experience of endless fun, bundling with our kind playerbase and kind staff!


#1366 Gold Rush Craft

play.goldrushpvp.com -
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Gold Rush Craft is a new server for everyone, it has Factions pvp, Creative, Prisons and Minigames.

#1367 [TNPvP] PvP | Minigames | Skyblock -
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/120 - Votes: 0

TNPvP is a PvP server where you can kill people, do parkour and play minigames to earn In-Game cash that you can use to buy limited items/blocks, enchantments etc. Diamonds, bows, arrows, golden apples and steak is items you get for free. You can take as many as you want, but if you want to get OP you need to earn enough money to enchant your items. Donators get kits with armor and sword that is already enchanted. If you buy either Titan or Titan+ you will get a kit with a god apple, 1 strength potion and 1 speed potion. On some of the donator ranks you will not lose your inventory, and it will be easier for you to stay op.



mc.duplet.lv - Latvia
Version: 1.9.2

- Users: 0/9999 - Votes: 0

Heyo! Join mc.duplet.lv , the good Latvian and English server , very good admins , who always will help other , all players are Best for us , join and enjoy our server!

#1369 FunCraft.dk

spil.funcraft.dk:25577 - Denmark
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

Velkommen Til FunCraft's side på Mc-Serverlisten FunCraft er en Faction, Creative, SurvivalGames, Plot, Prison Og mere Server Vores server ip er: FunCraft.dk


#1370 Ze-Craft

s31.hosthorde.com:25701 -
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/150 - Votes: 0

Ze-Craft is a new server that has been under development for over 4 weeks. We may not have a prison looking containment looking areas but they are original. The way Ze-Craft works is there are 27 obtainable ranks, going from A -> Z + Escaped, we also made up very OP Donator ranks like: Iron Gold Diamond Diamond+ Emerald Emerald+ Obsidian Obsidian+ Bedrock Bedrock+ Insane We have it set up so the previous warp looks worse than the next warp to it. Also the higher the rank, the better the mine will be. We also have a Plot World for personal space to build on. You may create shops and storage facilities. You can only claim a plot if your Rank C Our staff have been chosen with great caution knowing that they will be helpful, but yet fair.


#1371 Cube Prison

mc.cubeprison.net:30073 -
Version: 1.7.5

- Users: 0/80 - Votes: 0

Welcome to CubePrison!The goal of the prison server is to gain money by doing various things such as mining, chopping trees, PVP'ing, selling things in order to work your way up the Ranks Ladder to freedom and luxury!! Rank information C Prisoner Being a C-Blocker is your only starting point in the prison, you are limited to mining and chopping wood to make money. Most majority of the prison evolves around this part of the prison, so crime, violence, events are usually around here. Guards tend to spend more time here also. B Prisoner ($12,500) B-Block is just the second rank in the long ladder of things to unlock,but to climb up this ladder more money is needed. A brand new mine with new ores, and less PvP make prison life easier. Also you gain access to free food at the Chicken farm, and a low level enchantment table! A Prisoner ($30,000) From A-Block onwards you begin to start enjoying prison life to the fullest, you may find that ranking up is easier from here on out. Not only do you gain accessto a new mine with DIAMOND, but also a Pig Farm, Higher Enchantment table and less PVP to worry about! Trusted ($70,000) Probably one of the most luxury blocks on the server,you are now approaching the top of the ranks ladder! You gain access to a large mine with almost every ore + there is less PVP! Respected ($145,000) You are now the last prisoner rank! Woohoo! In this block, you now gain access a level 30 enchantment table, an even better mine + Shop, and a Cow spawner! Veteran ($250,000) You have finallyearn'tyour freedom! You may now access the factions world and be on your way. Prison rules are not enforced here. Stealing and Griefing IS allowed in the factions world. You may come back to the prison at any time, but you must follow prison rules whilst inside! Hero ($2,000,000) As Hero you have access to the Hero's block with an amazing enchantment shop and Mooshroom cow spawner! Lord As a Lord you have access to the Lord's block with an even cheaper enchant shop, a Melon farm and an even better mine than before! Overlord ($18,000,000) The overlord is currently the highest rank, making you superior to other prisoners! Theoverlord block consists of a great mine with an even cheaper enchantment shop! (You also are feared by other prisoners!)


#1372 Minevast [ mc.minevast.com ]

mc.minevast.com -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/250 - Votes: 0

Welcome to Mine Vast. Some of the features we offer are listed below: • Creative • Factions • KitPvP • Skyblock • Creative • Amazing and friendy community • Daily Events • Much more! Website: http://minevast.com


#1373 G3Z0Craft

g3z0craft.cloudapp.net:22000 -
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

We offer you: - MiniGames! - PlotWorld - Shop - Survival (Factions and Wild) Wild Has McMMO MiniGames: - MobArena! - Parkour! - SkyBlock! - PaintBall! - Spleef! - Splegg! - CreativeWorld Ranks in HUB: - Donater - $6 - VIP - $9 - Trusted - $12 - HellYeah - $18 - God~s~Noble - $30 - Emporer - $50 - Ultimate - $60

#1374 Lightning Network -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/12 - Votes: 0

Welcome to LightningNetwork we have four main worlds. We have minigames, sky/creative, op/prison, and factions. In the minigames world we have hide and seek build it, survival games, sky wars, spleef, TNTRun and bowspleef coming soon. The faction world is classic minecraft factions with rules that make up the original faction idea. Raiding and Griefing is allowed and it should be competitive for the players.In the op world players will receive sharp 20 fire 20 sword with prot 20 unb. 20 diamond armor. This results in ultimate pvp but besides that you can have factions with it so its like op factions, this leads to ultimate fun. We have a sky world server that has skyblock and skygrid so that we have gametypes for all. We then have a creative server that which each player receives a plot and creative mode to build whatever they want. Players can then buy plots to expand their building ideas. Finally we have the prison server which is still under construction but we are making it just like the prison server that players tend to love. The staff on this server is very friendly and always willing to help. Check out our website at http://lightningfacs.enjin.com/, We may be getting a new website soon so stay tuned! Need help joining or have a problem contact the owner at 704-691-5437 or Skype at brettnoles12. Thanks and enjoy the server!

#1375 Impressive -
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/24 - Votes: 0

Have fun at this server please join and there is a lot of mini games here Tip: Owner:WardockMC Co Owner:gman_strangerboy