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#1 FlarePlex

flareplex.com - New Zealand
Version: 1.9

- Users: 0/150 - Votes: 0

[img]https://i.imgur.com/YgG6zON.png[/img] [b]Text version:[/b] [b]About FlarePlex[/b] FlarePlex is a nonprofit server dedicated to bringing a high standard of quality and worksmanship to minecraft. We host a number of projects, and are constantly experimenting with new ways to improve. Our for-profit sister project, FlareGames.nz runs and manages minecraft events under the same name. Our staff and build teams are kept to a high quality, and work with the community to produce high quality builds and gamemodes. [b]Gamemodes[/b] FlarePlex currently has 2 gamemodes, Factions Survival and Prison. We're working on releasing new modes, and are constantly updating our content.

#2 GlitchMC - New Zealand
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/12 - Votes: 0

This is a great server for starter people its a hub server so you can choose if you like skyblock or factions or kitpvp or Op Prison your choice let your imagination run wild!

#3 DestinyHaveNZ - New Zealand
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/75 - Votes: 0

DestinyHaveNZ [NZ] New Zealand Minecraft server. -MiniGames -Parkour -Survival -Creative -Ranks -Auctions -Shops -Kit-PVP -Speedruns -Events Over 60 maps for parkour Survival [PVE] [PVP] [AUCTIONS] Creative [PLOTS] Get another plot each time you rank-up - Ranking, depends on playtime. MiniGames, TheWalls, BlockHunt, QuakeCraft, Events, Speedruns, Kit-PVP's,

#4 Survival Mini Games - New Zealand
Version: 1.5.2

- Users: 0/23 - Votes: 0

This server is for ANYONE and EVERYONE, Why? well Simple! we have all the minigames that you can find on minecraft as well as some Towny worlds and also A creative plot world! And you cannot have a Survival Server without Factions! Factions are a big part of our server and we are very proud of our system! We Hope to see you soon, The SMG Minecraft Server