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#176 Minecrafting

play.mcnow.xyz -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

:: Survival :: Creative :: Claims :: PvP :: 32Gb :: Minecrafting is a chilled out Minecraft server that everyone is welcome to get involved with. The server is always improving, whether that be with new plugins, or with cool new surroundings / worlds. The server includes a main survival world, with PvP Toggle and claims. Smaller worlds bend these rules slightly so people can be free to pick and choose what they would like to play. Currently we have the main survival world, a creative / plotme world, a rule free world (No claims etc) along with various other worlds. Once the server is updated to 1.8, we plan to open a new world to take full advantage of new blocks / biomes etc, this world will run in tandem with our current survival world before taking over as default. This will allow people to move their stuff, or stay if they choose. We may yet keep both worlds to keep everyone happy. If you ever need assistance, or need to report or bug... or talk to other players; then you can access our forums via http://www.mcing.eu/ Feel free to take a look around the server, Server: play.mcnow.xyz Website: http://mcnow.xyz/

#177 1nfinity Minecraft -
Version: 1.10

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

1nfinity Minecraft is a project designed to keep the survival soul of Minecraft alive. We dedicate ourselves to providing just the right balance of Minecraft vanilla gameplay. We are brand new with plenty of opportunity to grow so come check us out! Get started today building a town, mastering our economy or raiding your enemies!

#178 FREE OP and kingdom

creacraft.no-ip.biz -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 0/200 - Votes: 0

new a free op server - skyblock - survival - creative - free-op - kingdom


#179 Village Craft Network

mc.village-craft.net - United Kingdom
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 1/128 - Votes: 0

Welcome To The Village Craft Network!


This server has many different game modes!

Towny : This World does not allow PVP/ Griefing/Raiding Here! In this world you will be able to build and create your own towns and make new friends! We have a growing community just for you!

PVP : This World Allows PVP/ Griefing/Raiding Here! You can create and join factions! Team up with friends to create the perfect base and to rule the world!

Games: We have a games world with many unique games coming soon! We currently have : Skywars, Splegg and Build My Thing!

We are happy to announce that we are bringing much more to the server in the future!

This server has many kind and caring staff that will help you with any issues you have!

Email: info@greenturtlegaming.net
Twitter: @VCTurtleGaming

This server is 100% free to play, but we do have in-game purchases!


#180 Shadowblockz

play.shadowblockz.com - United Kingdom
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 18/200 - Votes: 0

Shadowblockz is a Minecraft Network providing a variety of different gamemodes for users to enjoy! Currently on the network: Factions Towny Skyblock Creative KitPVP Skywars We are constantly devising new ways to expand the network, adding more enjoyable content. We are one of the longest running Minecraft servers, Created on November 27th 2011


#181 NuclearDistrict Gaming Community

play.nucleardistrict.net -
Version: Spigot 1.12.2

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

Welcome to NuclearDistrict Gaming Community! We are a new community that was launched on Februray 7, 2014. The owner is Atomicbeast101 and I am currently in college studying computer science. I decided to run my own community for a few reasons: to bring players to enjoy in an unique server that contains Survival, Factions, Mini-Games, and Creative. Soon more will be added such as Skyblock, RolePlay, etc... The services we have right now are Minecraft server and it runs on Spigot program. Its excellent for big MC servers. In that service, we have the gamemodes that we have to offer for everyone. The second one is Garry's Mod server. It was launched last month and it became successfull. It has custom plugins to make the server more enjoyable and unique. We have a website and forums for everyone to feel free to use. We also have Teamspeak3 server for everyone to use! Its also free! More info will be at bottom of page. Minecraft Server: - Survival * Economy system * Server shop in Survival Spawn * Earn $50 per vote in /vote * Kill mobs to earn money. * Donors can create shops to sell items at the prices that can beat the server shop - Factions * Faction shop that sells various items that fits your PvP needs * Can use NDPoints to increase your power level * Custom Faction channels: Public, Ally, Truce, and Faction. * No restrictions on items except for Enchantment Table, BrewingStand, and TnT * You can buy TnT easily with NDPoints! * You can earn NDPoints by voting through /vote! (1 NDPoint per vote!) * You can also donate for NDPoints. Info at: http://nucleardistrict.minecraftmarket.com/ * ObsidianBreaker allows you to break one obsidian with right click of gold ingot. (Remember! It uses 3 of your power points!) - Creative * PlotMe system * You can add people to your plots for free! * Alot of amazing builds in it! * No expire dates on them! * Doesn't reset in map resets! - Mini-Games * SurvivalGames with 4 Arenas (Updated often!) * Spleef with 2 Arenas * Parkour with 4 Arenas * Custom Mini-Games: + TheRedCore - Your objective is to find the redstone block and hit it 4 times before other players find it to win! + GrandTheftWool - Your objective is to collect as many wools as you can before time runs out! + MCRush - (Coming soon!) Your objective as a team is to make the most kills on the other team! Garry's Mod Server: - Custom economy system - Donor Ranks Forums: - Arcade games (All free!) - Active posts - Off topic posts (Such as graphics, computer programming, gaming, anything!) Website: - Modern type website - Pages for each service we have - Top 50 status on player online, player kills, mob kills, player deaths, block breaks, block places, SurvivalGames, etc. Information: - Website: http://www.nucleardistrict.net/ - Forums: http://www.nucleardistrict.net/forums/ - Minecraft IP: play.nucleardistrict.net - Garry's Mod IP: (SandBox): gm.nucleardistrict.net:27016 - Garry's Mod IP: (TTT): gm.nucleardistrict.net:27015 - TeamSpeak3 IP: ts.nucleardistrict.net

#182 Water-Nation -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/4 - Votes: 0

Custom Enchantments, OP items, Kits, Pvp, Faction, Raiding


#183 ConspiracyCraft

conspiracycraft.us -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 45/555 - Votes: 0

Conspiracy Craft is one of those servers you don't find very often. We have a small player base filled with great people who will make you laugh any day of the week, but really, what makes you want to play on a server? When you get that feeling, that good feeling, and you can't get enough of it. Well on this server, you will have that feeling :). We have custom minigames such as Kit Grief & Snowball War to play with your friends, or you can just relax and build a faction base until the sun sets with Herobrine watching in the distance. When you first arrive at the server you will be given a kit with iron armor, food, and a sword, to help you get passed any trolls who may stand in your way. You will also have the [Guest] Rank. Use /Ar Check to rank up to Member after you have met the requirements or it will do it for you automatically after some time has passed. All while having fun and just doing what we all like so much, playing Minecraft after a long hard day of work/school. Hope to see you there! Cheers :D ip: conspiracycraft.us Features: •Dedicated 24/7 High-End Server •50 Slots •32Gb DDR3 Ram •Custom-Plugins •Friendly Community •Starter Kits •Factions/mcMMO •Kit-Pvp •Skyblock •Kit-Grief (Minigame) •Creative •Donor Ranks - Jamm

#184 HoboCraft

hobocraft.mcserver.ws -
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

HoboCraft is a fun upstarting community for players to play Towny, Minigames *To be added!* And other fun things! We're always open to suggestions, so check out our website! We are also always looking for new staff :) Tell us to your friends! And every vote helps us gain popularity, and helps you gain $$$ On our server, as we use iConomy! :D

#185 rainiedragon -
Version: 1.10.2

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0



#186 MythicRealmsRPG

play.mythicrealmsrpg.com - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/1000 - Votes: 0

Welcome to the official thread for the MythicRealms Factions server. This a NO whitelist server so you are free to join! Server IP: play.mythicrealmsrpg.com Server website: Coming Soon! ***Why would you want to join the MythicRealms Factions server?*** We are a pair of experienced admins who have ran many servers in the past and as such we can guarantte a solid Minecraft experience. Our goal is to produce a player focused professional atmosphere that puts the players views and opinions first. Any player input is always appreciated, well received an acted upon. We are currently developing a new RPG experience that will feature dungeons, raids, expansive quest zones, dark and mature story, custom loot and an interesting and complex levelling system. As our plugins are developed they will be featured fist on the MythicRealms Factions server for testing and player feedback. This is a pure vanilla server that will contain many game changing plugins in the future once we open our new RPG server. We are currently looking for admins and moderators for the Factions server and eventually our RPG server. We are also looking for experienced builders for our RPG world so if you're interested in that then let us know. ***How can I join the MythicRealms Factions server?*** Open Minecraft, click Multiplayer, click Add Server, set Server Name as MythicRealms and set the Server address as play.mythicrealmsrpg.com and then click done. Then all you need to do is double click the MythicRealms server in the server list. Interested and ready to join? Connect to play.mythicrealmsrpg.com

#187 Tri Kraft -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

Tri-Kraft is a friendly new server, you cannot buy ranks. Ranks are earned! We run a Survival-Economy server with anti-griefing measures. The nether is a rule free world for true survival of the fittest play.

#188 EggPlantedMC

eggplanted.mcserver.ws -
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/60 - Votes: 0

EggPlantedMC A Towny Survival Server IP: eggplanted.mcserver.ws EggPlantedMC is a new Towny server with an emphasis on fun. We aren't one of those big servers where you have to learn a bunch of new things. On EggPlanted, you can just play survival, make a town, meet new friends, and have fun. Some of our plugins include: Towny: What our server is based on. You can create or join a town. Joining/creating a town is recommended because it protects what you build, as well as promotes interaction with other players, thus forming a stronger community. Towns cost $500, and require an upkeep fee of $10 which is taken from your town bank, so don't forget to deposit money into your town! LWC: Use this to protect your chests and furnaces! When you place a chest or furnace, this plugin will automatically lock it. To remove the lock or edit it, type /lwc. No more worrying about theifs! MCJobs: This is your main source of earning money. You can join up to 3 jobs. To earn money, do the task that each job requires (ex. miners mine ores and stone, farmers plant and harvest crops, etc.). Chest Shops: This another way to earn money. You can sell items using this plugin. We believe that a server's economy should be run by the players. We don't have an admin shop because we believe that admin shops take money and remove it from the economy. They also promote taking the easy way in survival and not gathering materials yourself, which is boring (sorry for those who like to buy all their materials :P). We'll be working to add more things to server, like PvP arenas, events, Parkour, games, plugins, and whatever else people want! Please join us! Thanks!


#189 Void Realms

play.voidrealms.net -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 31/500 - Votes: 0

#190 Mystic Survival -
Version: 1.8

- Users: 1/20 - Votes: 0

SMP We need builders and people that play active! Doing a big giveaway at 10 ppl

#191 Swaped Craft

n8.csrv.pl:13362 -
Version: ???

- Users: 0/1 - Votes: 0

Join us on a variety of Survival Such as PVP,Factions,Plotworld and more....


#192 TekVille

tekville.thetekninja.com -
Version: 1.10.2

- Users: 0/40 - Votes: 0

Welcome to TekVille! Original Minecraft Feel. PVP in Arena only. Protection Stones. Plenty of Uninhabited Land! Come build a homestead an a friendly server!

#193 Xile PVP | NEW | Factions | Grief | Raid | Economy | and more! -
Version: 1.10

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

Xile PVP is a hardcore, factions, griefing, raiding, server, with an economy allowing players to purchase and sell loot. Why should you join us and not another server? Well this was made from a pvp fanatic not someone who doesn't even play the game, I am a huge pvp fan and know what players like, so I took everything you could ever want, and put it into this server. Server features! Anti-pvp logger protection Anti-Safezone camping protection Tp delay No chest protection Limited land protection (still does not protect chests) Economy with shops allowing you to buy and sell items Friendly staff and active owner Votifier Much more! Help us grow and become a larger community by giving this post a diamond and voting for us if you enjoy the server!

#194 Sheep,Jet, and Blah's Server -
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 3/30 - Votes: 0



#195 PokeMC [Pixelmon Server] Kanto, Free Items, Events and more!

play.pokemc.com -
Version: Waterfall 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x

- Users: 0/500 - Votes: 0

Pokemon Minecraft - Pixelmon Mod 2.5.7 - Online 24/7 - 200+ Slots - Survival - No PVP - Grief Protection - Free Items - Regular Events - Economy/Auctions - Great Community - Mature Staff - Always Upgrading - and much more! [img]http://i.imgur.com/kWPY6WC.png[/img] [b]Welcome to PokéMC![/b] PokéMC is currently running at version 2.5.7. Please make sure you have that version of Pixelmon installed. If you are having problems joining or just don't know how to install the mod, here's the link to the pixelmon mod tutorial. Just follow the steps provided or watch the tutorial video: http://www.pokemc.com/forum/m/18026856/viewthread/9434220-how-to-download-pixelmon-257-for-minecraft-164 [b]About PokéMC:[/b] Our server is based on the Pixelmon Mod: which is Pokémon in Minecraft. Spawn is based on the Kanto Region and the gameplay is created to give you a Pokémon experience as close to the original Pokémon games as possible but with a Minecraft twist! The world is 10,000 x 10,000 and spawn itself is 5000 x 3000, which contains 10 towns/cities. Every player starts off in Pallet Town and is given $3,000 PokéCoins and a Trainer Beginner Kit to help you begin your journey. Exploring spawn will unlock new warps and finding “Found Item!” signs gives you free items along the way, you can rent a home or market in most towns/cities and enjoy all the features spawn provides; Or if you prefer, you can use the warp to get out of spawn and create your own home/town and be able to protect it against griefing. [b]Gym Leader Application:[/b] http://www.pokemc.com/forum/m/18026856/viewforum/3389078 [b]Moderator Application:[/b] http://www.pokemc.com/forum/m/18026856/viewforum/3389077 [b]Guides:[/b] http://www.pokemc.com/forum/m/18026856/viewforum/3443853 [b]Donate:[/b] http://www.pokemc.com/store



mc.duplet.lv - Latvia
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

Heyo! Join mc.duplet.lv , the good Latvian and English server , very good admins , who always will help other , all players are Best for us , join and enjoy our server!

#197 Harryo

harryo.dk - Denmark
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Nice Minecraft server plz join faction survival mini games ccreative and pvp server ip is Harryo.dk.


#198 ►Minecraft Simple Gaming◄

mcsimplegaming.com -

- Users: 13/1000 - Votes: 0

♦Minecraft Simple Gaming - Forever expanding.♦ Minecraft mini-games made simple! Easy n fun! What makes this server good, is that its simple, fun, and exciting. Come and see for yourself! Find it on Planet Minecraft too: goo.glEAoG1 Features: •Hunger Games •Spleef •Splegg •TheWalls •MobArena •Paintball •Parkour •Skyblock •SkyGrid •Factions •TNTRun And more! Come join! We are always working to improve the server, and will always do :) If you have an idea, feel free to post it on our forums on our website: www.mcsimplegaming.com


#199 AgonCraft

mc.agoncraft.net -
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

- Users: 0/200 - Votes: 0

AgonCraft is a vanilla SMP server with a few plugins for convenience.


#200 BrutalFactions

play.brutalfactions.us -
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 13/300 - Votes: 0

Brutalfactions Factions/PvP Brutalfactions is a fun factions/PvP server! We have both plugins and great players to make your time on the server exciting and unique! Our plugins include: McMMO: McMMO is a simple plugin with a large impact; it allows players to “rank up” their skills, such as swords for greater damage or mining for, possibly. double drops. The skill progresses as you do certain actions or use certain tools. Factions: Factions, our main game mode and plugin, allows players to team up with each other, build and grow, and raid other factions. It is a very social game mode and also largely based on PvP. Auctions: Auctions give the players the opportunity to spend (or earn back) the money they earn from killing mobs or selling items in the /shop by auctioning items they may have (ex. an enchanted sword) where others can bid on it and raise the price to what they want. And much, much more ingame!