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#1 KabuCraft

kabucraft.servegame.com - Portugal
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

McMMO, Plots, PvP, Clans, Shops, Terrenos protegidos no survival O PvP está modificado para ser igual ao 1.8 Muita liberdade para construir o que desejares, desde redstone a farms Site: www.kabucraft.enjin.com

#2 PureVision Gaming

mc.purevisiongaming.eu - Portugal
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9

- Users: 0/150 - Votes: 0

Bem-vindo à nossa comunidade PureVisionGamers!! No nosso servidor irás encontrar: >Factions >Creative >Minigames (skywars, tntrun, splegg e mais!) >ArenaPVP

#3 PoloCraft

mc.polocraft.net - Portugal
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/300 - Votes: 0

[b]Play original[b] and [b]unique minigames[b] and some [b]revamped classics[b] @ [b]mc.polocraft.net[b] Explore one of the largest hubs you'll ever find, made by the outstanding professional building team [b]BlockWorks[b], and play on great maps and funny minigames! We have lots of minigames and much more to come!

#4 SwagPGPS - Portugal
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/18 - Votes: 0

A Server Made for Fun And War!PGPSWars is a Small Server made for factions wars and survival mode.Join Us and start a adventureWorld Map Website Plugins installed on server: Dynmap, WorldEdit, ControlTPA, SecureLoginPVP, Essentials, ChatColorTags, EssentialsChat, AbsoluteWelcome, Vault, EssentialsSpawn, MassiveCore, WorldGuard, Factions, ScoreboardStats


#5 PortugalFunMaps

mc.portugalfunmaps.org - Portugal
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/1 - Votes: 0

Factions, mcMMO, Votes, Crates, Pets, Particles, VIP Ranks, Ender Dragon respawn, Minigames & Events, all this and much more, come see for yourself! mc.portugalfunmaps.org (1.7.10+)

#6 Servidor WNWA - Portugal
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/8 - Votes: 0

Servidor de factions portugues 24/7


#7 TugasKingdom

see.description.pls:0 - Portugal
Version: 1.7.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Portugues: Servidor portugues de minecraft com factions. Este servidor esta aberto todo o dia. Se tiveres algum problema contacta admin ou mod do server. meu skype: fabio_matador. Anda e diverte-te :D Inglish: Portuguese server of minecraft with factions.Open 24/7. If you have any problem pelease contact an mod or admin. My skype is: fabio_matador. Come and have fun :D Minecraft 1.7.2 - 1.7.4 Ip: tugaskingdom.serveminecraft.net

#8 Friends and Monsters

friendsmonsters.goo.vg - Portugal
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/200 - Votes: 0

New Awesome minecraft server. It has factions and survival. We have weekly events. Good Admins, helpfull. Original and not original minecraft, but with no hackers :D Come try

#9 CraftmixxFactionsPortugal

craftmixx.servegame.com - Portugal
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/38 - Votes: 0

Server na versão 1.7.9 com plugin muito bons, minas factions, etc, abriu hoje dia 15/08

#10 ExtraCraft | Survival and Minigames - Portugal
Version: 1.8.3

- Users: 0/4 - Votes: 0

Welcome to ExtraCraft! We are a Survival server intended to create a mature community for all of our players. PvP is disabled and griefing isnt allowed. Swearing isn't allowed. We have severeal minigames. And we also have a survival store so you can buy something that you can't get. We dont do drop parties when the server is full, we dont beg for members, we dont spawn in items for players, we dont give out creative mode for a build.

#11 SkyCraftPT - Portugal
Version: 1.8.3

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

Aqui Todos Contam! Esperamos Por ti! Então? Do Que Estás A Espera?

#12 SkyCraftPT - Portugal
Version: 1.8.3

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

Aqui Todos Contam! Esperamos Por ti! Então? Do Que Estás A Espera?

#13 SkyCraftPT - Portugal
Version: 1.8.3

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

Aqui Todos Contam! Esperamos Por ti! Então? Do Que Estás A Espera?


#14 Mega-Craft

megacraftplay.servepics.com - Portugal

- Users: 0/420 - Votes: 0

Olá este server contém minas/plots/survival/factions/mcmmo/pvp-arenas/minigames/etc Entra e joga agora! Server cracked para quem tem Minecraft Pirata. Staff matura.

#15 DjCraftPT - Portugal
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/2000 - Votes: 0

MiniGames | Ranks | Creative | Factions Login Tnt Run Hide N' Seek PaintBall Sky Block Sky Wars Hunger Games

#16 InfinityCraft - Portugal
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Factions,Criativo,Minas,Lojas,Mcmmo,Minigames e muito mais

#17 BumbleCraft - Portugal
Version: 1.5.2

- Users: 0/999 - Votes: 0