# 1 Featured Server

# OtterCraft - Survival

play.ottercraft.net -
Version: 1.11.2

Want your server here? Find out how here

#151 PaladiumMC

play.paladiummc.co - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

Its Is A Great Server Which Contains Kitpvp And The Revamped Reef Factions The Server Is Owned By Two Famous Youtubers Exluto And Aexiom And Has Much More To Come.

#152 Magma Factions

craft.pw:25573 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/250 - Votes: 0

connect directly at craft.pw or play.craft.pw

#153 The Seasoned Gamers

play.theseasonedgamers.com - United Kingdom
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Description The Seasoned Gamers is a small survival server with vanilla 1.9. We do need staff but we don't promote people who just joined. Brand new minecraft vanilla server 1.9 ready for launch come and join us now we look forward to seeing you in our world of minecrafters.

#154 Ultra Craft - United Kingdom
Version: 1.9

- Users: 0/90000000 - Votes: 0

The UltraCraft server has loads for you and friends to do! From our huge free online village to the minigame arcade. We have a tone of mini games including some of the most well know once like TNT Run, Skywars and the HungerGames


#155 play.mytheria.net

play.mytheria.net:30124 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/1500 - Votes: 0

play.mytheria.net BOTH 1.9 AND 1.8 COMPATITABLE! Skyblock & Factions Raiding; /Shop command; /Backpack command; Kits; Crates Keys; Ranks; Obsidian Destroyer! TNT Breaks obsidian! PvP; RandomTP; SilkSpawners; FactionsUUID; Skyblock Challenges; Top lists; Economy; Fast Server Switch


#156 The Aether | Aerial PVP Experience - [1.9] | SkyPVP | KitPVP | Do

mc.aeth.ga - United Kingdom
Version: 1.9.2

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

The Aether is an all new minecraft 1.9 server that wants to give players the experience of aerial pvp. The way we plan to do this is by allowing people to select a kit, and then making use of the new wings added into minecraft 1.9. in order to do this we put together a server which allows people to fly around a large pvp map and shoot down your opponents with your bow. We make use of the new 1.9 Elytra wings to allow players to pvp in the skies :) A few things you should know: If you're new to minecraft 1.9, you hold the space button whilst falling to open your wings donator perks including more powerful weapons and glowing wings are available! You can pvp on the ground too, swords will be given to each player Shields, Bows, swords and wings are the basic kit for each player, and unless you purchase a rank this will not change any time soon. When you are on the ground and need to get back into the air, step on one of our golden or silver launchpads. These are distinguishable from the rest of the world so you shouldn't have a hard time finding them. There is a top 5 scoreboard listed at the right hand side, this is based upon kills and deaths Skyrim shouts such as Fus Ro Dah are available :D If there is any other questions you would like to have answered, please ask a member of staff

#157 TitanPvP - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/200 - Votes: 0

We are a semi-op faction server

#158 SpeedsterCity

speedstercity.mygs.co - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

join my server need staff factions tell your friends and become a speedster today!!!!!!!!!!


#159 GenericWars | Factions And more!

genericwars.serv.nu:40382 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

GenericWars is a very unique factions server with a simple goal of pleasing the players in any way we can! we have a very caring staff team and a loving but also superior community!

#160 Medieval & Fantasy Themed Server. Mature Friendly Community. PURE - United Kingdom
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

5 year anniversary! Est. 2010 Hello and Welcome. If you want to have fun, meet new people, make new friends or even just to relax and build your home in a far away land, BritCraft is for you. We mainly focus on the vanilla aspect of the game (which is how the game was made to be) We also like to focus our builds on a Medieval and Fantasy type of role, If you have an eye for detail you will definitely be welcomed here!. BritCraft is full of kind and helpful mature players who are there for you and each other, To help you if you get stuck, or even if you want to work on projects together. or just need some advice on a building. Me, my staff and YOU Together can build up and create a great mature Community once again, So come join us, get involved and have some fun! That's what games are for right? For more information. Please visit: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/664152 Thank you

#161 ApexMinecraft

apexminecraft.mymc.io - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

[b]Apex Minecraft | 24/7[b] With over 10 years of minecraft experience put together, our two owners have worked tirelessly to create the best playing experience. IP Address: Apexminecraft.mymc.io We offer: A hub world PvP Survival Creative Plots /Vote rewards Many ranks you can earn LootCrates! Family friendly environment Survival: The survival world allows you to have protected builds and play as normal within minecraft. We have treefeller on so chopping trees is convenient. With commands such as /home, exploring has never been better PvP: Our PvP world allows you to fight with your closest friends and worst enemies. BloodCoins are given as a reward for killing other players! Spend these in the shops! Make friends, or make enemies. YOU decide how to play. Creative Plots: Creative plots allow you to build and create to your hearts content in creative mode! HUGE plots and infinite possibilities! Everything is easily accessible and easy to play, if you want more information, just ask in-game! Do you have what it takes to become the APEX?

#162 LegitCraft - United Kingdom
Version: 1.10.2

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

We need players to play and we need staff and some builders i hope u love the server with factions and creative i hope u play and u might get staff The server version is 1.9.4 so i hope u enjoy

#163 UltimateFactions - United Kingdom
Version: 1.9

- Users: 0/12 - Votes: 0

We are a factions server looking for people to join and have fun with! We are currently looking for moderators and helpers. Please do not join the server if you will leave if you do not get a place as staff! 40% of people's donations will go to charity so donate :P! We hope you enjoy the server and have a great time! thanks and peace

#164 Removed - United Kingdom
Version: 1.9.4

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0


#165 The Den

theden.mcserver.ws - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/60 - Votes: 0

A friendly Towny server, however after a certain amount of times there will be PvP and towny wars! We have staff which are willing to help and a very fun community, it's a new server so we're taking in suggestions! :D Drop parties also! We also have hidden treasures for you to find!

#166 LifeMC - United Kingdom
Version: 1.9

- Users: 0/16 - Votes: 0

LifeMC is a new survival ONLY server, our aim of this server is to create a small community of Minecraft players who like plain survival with a couple of plugins to enhance the gameplay. We have a friendly community that is constantly moderated by our staff team, been griefed, no problem. Been raided, no problem. Got a question? No problem.

#167 FaithfulMC - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/12 - Votes: 0

#168 MediFactions

medifactions.serv.nu - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

We are a new minecraft factions server that is really fun. We need a couple more staff and some builders, but if you came just for staff please leave. We promise you its really fun and you will enjoy it. We will be giving maybe free donor ranks and kits! please join soon!


#169 MythicFaction

mythicfactions.servernux.com:50229 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.10

- Users: 0/48 - Votes: 0

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-{MythicFactions}-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Welcome to Mythic Factions! We are a server with dedicated staff of all ranks. We have 6 ranks, Baron, Duke, Regent, Prince, King and Emperor. We have spent hours making the server as perfect as it can be for our players and hope you enjoy it! We are here for your support and guidance. If any questions are needed to be answered, or (unfortunately) any reports are needed to be made, have a quick look at our forums. That is where we can answer any questions and review what needs to be done. Hope you enjoy your time on our server, because we have put tons of effort in. Thanks Our Website: http://mythicblock.enjin.com/home -- Pvp --Factions --Luckyblocks --kits --pvp arena --Mcmmo and More --Voting -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-{MythicFactions}-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

#170 zainocraft

zainocraft.xyz:25596 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/16 - Votes: 0

Hello everyone! Thank You For Clicking On The Server! So this server is basically survival, creative, and factions in the background. If you guys have any suggestions on what you like etc. then come on the server and let me know! If you guys want to check out my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Ar9R7Pqu-fbZwDWxi5wHA


#171 JCraftSMP

budgetuk.virtualgladiators.com:25692 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/48 - Votes: 0

This is a minecraft server where you can build with your friends on survival mode. This is a non-griefing server which let you claim land and the more you play the more you can claim more land! The owner is JCleverChildYT which I am a youtuber. So this is a perfect server for people who likes building legit with other people!

#172 ForgottenMC Factions

forgottenmc.serv.nu:41879 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

ForgottenMC is a unique factions server that is going to have multiple gamemodes soon withing the next couple of weeks for a matter of fact. it is in early development and we would be really happy if you started to play on here and see the server develop with your own eyes so you can see how proffesional our team is.

#173 MysteriaCraft - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.8

- Users: 0/70 - Votes: 0


mine-experience.com - United Kingdom
Version: 1.9

- Users: 0/6 - Votes: 0

MineExperience is a minecraft server which aims to give you the best experience you could imagine. The server is based around a Survival/Economy theme. You can buy and sell with other players, increase your account balance and get rich! Play MobArena to earn rewards and show off your skills to other players while you thrash mobs and play as the waves get harder and harder. If that isn't enough, we also offer a skyblock experience, start from the very bottom and work your way up the challenges, build the biggest island and be the skyblock master! With our wide range of plugins, we have something for everyone. In our vast community of friendly players, we are sure that you will make many playing companions as you progress through your enjoyable experience. We are fortunate to have helpful, friendly and informative staff that can help you and are always there when you need them. Come visit us, were sure you'll be impressed!


#175 ElectroMC

electromc.cubed.pro:25417 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

ElectroMC is one of the most op faction servers ! Kit member is 2 stacks of prot 10 armour to get you started ! and also £1 million is also added to your bank on joining the server! we offer cheap ranks for people who dont have the money to buy the huge $500 ranks on other servers! £20 for our max rank!