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#1326 DwarfCraft

dwarfcraft.no-ip.org - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/15 - Votes: 0

Factions and kitPvP! No we are not recruiting for staff. Thanks!

#1327 EchoAceGaming FTB Ultimate

ftb.echoacegaming.com:25566 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.4.7

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

For many, vanilla Minecraft isn't enough, and after the staff discovered the popularity of the Feed The Beast modpacks, we decided to run our own server. We're using the Ultimate modpack with a few tweaks (such as Xycraft not being installed as it's currently buggy). As with all new games we're running, the FTB server has its own staff team which is separate from the Minecraft staff team. For anyone not familiar, FTB adds a multitude of different mods (in a similar way to Tekkit, before that became illegal), and the Ultimate pack has as many of them as possible without conflicting mods. Some of these just add new ores or items, but some add whole new ideas (like RedPower2 which adds microblocks and advanced redstone). On top of the Ultimate modpack, we managed to add certain features by using a special jarfile to improve your experience. This is something that many other servers don't offer! These plugins have been updated to support the new block and item types added by FTB so all your complex sorting systems and gregtech machines are protected too! Due to a combination of new staff who enjoy playing FTB and have a great understanding of the mods, the hardware we run on, and the enthusiasm we share with the players, the EchoAceGaming FTB server is the place to be!

#1328 SurvivalCraft - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.2

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

Survival Craft Is A Fun Place To Be, But!, We Are New, So We Dont Have Alot Of Player's And Im Currently Looking For Some Admins/Mods To Do Some Jobs For Me. I Would Like Any Experienced Admins/Mods To Come Along To This Server If Your Looking For Somthing To Do.

#1329 RP-Craft :26565 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.2

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

RP-Craft is a fun enviroment were players can build without being griefed.


#1330 PkingdomCraft

pkingdomcraft.nn.pe:25599 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/16 - Votes: 0



#1331 Flux's Factions

play.fluxfactions.co.uk - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/45 - Votes: 0

Hello. My name is Flux and I've been playing faction servers for a good year or two. So now I have decided to make my own as a fun project. I designed it around not being able to sustain in fights for too long by making fast food only work with mushroom stew. Diamonds will not be be buyable in the server shop and the main economy will revolve around Auctions! All Donations are also automated through Buycraft so you get what you donate for with no downtime. We also Have votifier on this server, so does everyone nowadays.


#1332 ExtremeMC

extrememc.net - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/5 - Votes: 0

ExtremeMC is a large Hunger Games server providing a majestical experience for players of all ages and talents. With Hunger Games, Skyblock, Creative, Survival, Towns and a 24/7 up-time, you are guaranteed the ultimate Minecraft experience. Check out our website now at www.extrememc.net


#1333 inFAMOUSHub

infamoushub.servegame.com - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/35 - Votes: 0

Come play at inFAMOUSHub.servegame.com where you can play some survival games or fire arrows in BowSpleef. Although we don't have many minigames yet, they will come eventually! :P -------------------------------------------- There will be a trailer coming for the server soon. -------------------------------------------- Owner's YT channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/AlphaPlayMinecraft -------------------------------------------- Although this server looks plain and boring, new features and additions will be added to the server. -------------------------------------------- Staff: If you wish to apply for staff please visit the website. You will have to submit an application however YouTubers with +100 may get VIP without the bother!



mc.anime-jp.co.uk - United Kingdom
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/120 - Votes: 0

Join Today @ mc.anime-jp.co.uk:25565 We are a Worldwide community of Otaku's,Anime Lovers, Cosplayers Who own a Minecraft Server, on the Behalf of Anime-JP Cosplays Our Server had a wide range of plugins as well as giving new players a Home when they join, Players can Donate for as little as 10p for creative and Diamond Status on the server


#1335 | Minigames | ★Nutshell - Network★ | HG | PB | SB

play.nutshell-network.nu - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.2

- Users: 0/200 - Votes: 0

Nutshell Network is a new revolutionary minecraft server. You can pick from various mini games throughout the server and play with your friends! All the games are free to play unless you want extra benefits that can be acquired by purchasing Iron. To view the benefits please visit our website: http://www.nutshell-network.nu Our Current Minigames • HungerGames/SurvivalGames - Fight your way and become the champion by getting gear and defeating other players. • Paintball – Shoot bullets at your opponents. Purchase perks using Paintball cash and rank up to the highest paintball rank! • BowWarfare – Like Call of Duty?You’ll love it in Minecraft version! Maps and modes all in one! • SkyBlock – Expand your island, make a town, reach other players! Make traps and defeat them! • KitPVP – Grab a Kit and start smacking those players. Use some special kits for extra fun! • One in the Chamber – You got one bullet, make it count. If you fail to do that, use your sword to hit people. • Skylands – Simply because there is legit survival, doesn’t mean there is no survival at all. Flying survival is better! • PropHunt(Hide ‘n’ Seek) – Hide from other players, and be disguised doing it!1 seeker, a lot of hiders, who shall win?  Coming Soon! • Trouble in Terrorist Town – Detectives, Traitors and Innocents. Just like normal Trouble in Terrorist Town in Minecraft.  Coming Soon! • TNTRun – Run around, do parkour and be the last one to fall off the arena! Play with friends!  Coming Soon! • SkyWars – Like skyblock, but simply gather resources and fight your way to the winning position! • The Walls – Classic The Walls. Brake wood, make pickaxe, get stone, iron and then fight after 15 minutes! • QuakeCraft – Get a Quake gun, shoot fireworks and get the others! Fast action gun game! Screens: [i]http://i.imgur.com/jsRyQyi.jpg[i] MORE COMING SOON

#1336 DeathCraft - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.5

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

DeathCraft Is a friendly pvp faction survival server with tons of other plugins to make your experience enjoyable

#1337 Proximity

proximity.playat.ch - United Kingdom
Version: 1.5.2

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

Welcome to Proximity! This server is a survival based server. With a range of plugins and helpful staff, you are bound to enjoy your stay! There are no limits to what you could do on Proximity!


#1338 Minecraft-Jar

mc.minecraft-jar.net - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Minecraft-Jar is a server that is home to all apart from people who cause grief. We don't want players to grief or steal. This is a friendly community that respects players and offers alot of features. These features include # Donations # Donations help you get things you want in the server quicker, also, you can advance above other players with exclusive content just for donators. Donate: http://donate.minecraft-jar.net # Quests # Set out and do tasks that are avaliable from spawn. Complete the quest, receive the gem and return it to the quest hub to get money. This money then can be used to get ranks, or use the shop # Boss Arena # We have a big boss battle arena that allows users to put an item in (list below) to fight a mob of that category. The boss will throw you in the air and perform special attacks on the player to kill you. He isnt easy, so armor up! # Creative # The creative world is exclusive to donators. This £5 package allows you to have a huge plot to yourself where you can build whatever your heart desires. However, you mustn't build anything immature or racist or you will get banned # Ban Management # If you get banned from the server and would like to see how long for, and/or the reason, visit: http://bans.minecraft-jar.net/ and search your username. TO get ubanned, simply have £15 ready at the donation page to instantly unban yourself. This unban tool is only available once per user. # Ranks # Use you money from server games to advance to a higher rank. Ths will show your character off to other players on how epic and dedicated you are on the server. # Server Details # Website: http://minecraft-jar.net/ Teamspeak: ts.minecraft-jar.net Bans: http://bans.minecraft-jar.net/ Forums: http://minecraft-jar.net/forum/ Donations: http://donate.minecraft-jar.net/ # Note # On the website, look for the Vote tab on the right under Links. When you vote, you will receive $100 in-game cash for your spending :) Hope to see you soon :)

#1339 GoHardFTW

gohard.zapto.org - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/40 - Votes: 0

This Server Is A Brand New Server Will Lots Off Stuff. We Have Been Trying To Make Our Server As Fun As Possible. We Currently Have 3 Server's.We Have Nice Staff. Factions (TNT Yeah whooo) This plugin allows you to create your own faction. The more followers a faction has the more land the faction can claim. The risk for griefing is low in claimed land since only the faction followers can build there. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war. Creative Well You All Know What Creative Is Well You Have a 100x100 Plot. And The Best Thing Is We Give Builder Ranks Like Promotion's Starts By Builder-Architect. Architect Get's World Edit. Tell A Owner Or Co-Owner To Promote You. Mini-Game's Well We Have 3 Mini-Games PaintWar [Our Custom Plugin],QuakeCraft And Luckybro. PaintWar Every player in the PaintWar arena has a random wool color, when you move you will "paint" a circle of colored wool on the ground. During the game you can get certain powerups by picking up special items, which help you or make it difficult for the others to fill an area with their color. Every game has a time limit. When the time is over, the blocks for every player are counted and the player, who has painted the most blocks with his color wins the game. The winner will get a reward. After that the ground will regenerate. Quake Quake is a very addictive game ! It's a game inspired by Hypixel's server. You have a RailGun (a hoe) and the goal is to shoot other players with the RailGun by right clicking with the hoe in your hand to shoot out a firework which sets off an explosion onto the player, and kills them! The RailGun Instant-Kills players, and takes two seconds to 'reload' and shoot again, the reload of the RailGun is the EXP bar, but you can upgrade the RailGun by purchasing them. Upgrading your Hoe (railgun) makes the cool-down time shorter! The first player who gains 25 kills wins the game! LuckyBro A Spleef-Like Plugin, Where it's all about Luck here. A game where blocks will disappear from the floor you will be standing on, they will randomly disappear, Last man Standing or that hasn't fallen off the Area will win the game!

#1340 Universal Gaming Community - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

#1341 Blazing Canyon - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/205 - Votes: 0

A Minecraft PVP server built and based in the UK. This server is set to grow and evolve with it's experienced mod and admin team backed up by fast UK based servers. With a fantastic spawn area which a church, shop, buildings and lots of places to explore, this is a must for any Minecraft loving player! There is no limit to the amount of players and any reports of abuse or lag are taken seriously and dealt with swiftly. No swearing or abuse will be tolerated. Hey people - anyone who stays around and shows loyalty will be considered for Admin/Mod


#1342 Pro Legend Network

plg.mcpro.eu:48509 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0



#1343 MCVoid [NO LAG] [24/7]

mcvoid.fluctis.com - United Kingdom
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Hi everyone! this server is an improvement server i have been working on for a while from my old server, epiccraft :P i just need some dedicated players and some nice donations so i can get my server onto a host! at the moment it is homerun, so it might be laggy. i have installed SPIGOT, which has dramatically improved the server and the RAM usage. so what are you waiting for? GET ON AND PLAY!

#1344 Bond Prison - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/64 - Votes: 0

Bond Prison, A new prison server! Main Features: - Mines - Cells - Drugs - Black Market - Ranks - Votifier - And More! Join Now Or Miss Out!


#1345 CritchCraft Bukkit PVP CREATIVE SURVIVAL

critchcraft.zapto.org - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/120 - Votes: 0

Join CritchCraft BUKKIT survival today, where you can build, craft, shop, and also apply for staff! (Staff: Owner, Admin, Mod, Builder) This world has a PVP arena, a SURVIVAL world, and a CREATIVE plot world!


#1346 Aerocraft Network

aerocrafthub.no-ip.org - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.2

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

Aerocraft Network Servers: Kitpvp,Factions,Skyblock,Creative/plots

#1347 KMCScraft

kmcs.mine.bz:25617 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/10000 - Votes: 0

KMCScraft is a wide community full of Pvp Battle Team Battles and ever more still coming... An amazing pvp arena made by [OWNER]XxKYLEMxX and [A][Trainer]morrisjordan09 Join now for an amazing time of your players life buy ranks and SGkits for more respect in the KMCScraft community We have gotten some new minigames over the past few days... We now have: Spleef,Death-Match and TheWalls, survivalgames,skygrid,Plots, And SOOOO Much More To Come... Give me some ideas of minigames in the comments section below... Thnx. From the proud owner of KMCScraft (XxKYLEMxX)

#1348 EpicyCraft

mc37.serverminer.com:25654 - United Kingdom
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/140 - Votes: 0

Welcome to EpicyCraft on are server we have a range of mini games and Survial world you can play from login to are server and come have a look


#1349 GodPvP

godpvpfactions.zapto.org - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

this is a full grief, raid and factions server with multiple worlds to feed your addictions to PvP! Note: THIS SERVER IS NOT 24/7. The Server Runs On 2GB DDR3 Ram This Server Does Take Donations To Donate Please go to: www.GodPvPFactions.enjin.com If You Donate $20 Every Month You Will Receive Full Admin Rank/co-Owner Rank then the server can stay 24/7 for you to play and have a good time. DropPary Information We Do host Drop Party's At Spawn At Least Once A Week So Don't Miss Them Be On! Plugins installed on server: Factions Permissions multiworlds auctions drop partys

#1350 Pinecraft - United Kingdom
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/25 - Votes: 0

PineCraft is a fun survival server. We have a lot of fun things to do and people to interact with. Lots of bukkit plugins make our server very advanced and allow us to have a lot of different things to do. We have factions, parkour, pvp, non pvp, arenas, mini games, mazes, Red and Blue worlds (Griefing and pvp and no Griefing and nonpvp) and many more. When you spawn in you are in the main world from there you can go to the portals to choose a world, go to pinedale to buy supplies. Go to the parkour or HopDrop and even visit our hotel. Feel free to join :)