# 1 Featured Server

# OtterCraft - Survival

play.ottercraft.net -
Version: 1.11.2

Want your server here? Find out how here

#226 Brawcraft

mc.brawcraft.com:25609 - Australia
Version: 1.7.5

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

About Us: We are a new and upcoming server hosted in Sydney, Australia. Our goal is to expand the current community that we have already to a much larger one and provide a server that everyone can enjoy! We currently only host one server which is based around factions. -----Server Features----- - Factions - mcMMO - DiabloDrops - & Many more! -------------------------------- Visit our website: http://www.brawcraft.com Join the server: mc.brawcraft.com

#227 Jakes Hunger Games - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/33 - Votes: 0

An Aussie Based Server.

#228 Cloud Network - Australia
Version: 1.11.2

- Users: 0/40 - Votes: 0

Here On Cloud Network, We have friendly staff and you can have a fun time playing without worrying about anything. We have great connection too. If you join you will fall in love with it. See you there.

#229 Donkey Craft - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

Donkey Craft, A new server with a small friendly community. Please join this server and vote for us. Lucky voters may receive VIP Rank! If you want to apply for staff msg me on the server! I would recommend using donkeycraft.zapto.org only use the ip if donkeycraft.zapto.org isnt working.

#230 steampunk - Australia
Version: 1.7.4

- Users: 0/1 - Votes: 0

This server has a few minor bugs that will be fixed in time but all in all we are open. Freindly staff, fun games. (please note that as this is only a new server not everything is up and running) we do ask that there is to be no asking of op or higher ranks, is so you will be warned before kick and/or ban. Please join, have fun, and follow the rules.


#231 The Golden Apple Family Friendly Servers

play.goldenappleserver.org:26133 - Australia
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/150 - Votes: 0

FAMILY FRIENDLY SERVERS with Survival, Towny, Creative, Skyblock. Plugins include Skyblock, GriefPrevention, Towny, Swear Prevention, McMMO, MyPet, Mobarena, AreaShop, ChestShop, JOBS, Giants, EZRanks, HorseStore and others. No need to sign up to play. Our worlds are freshly generated for 1.8+, with heaps of free build space! We don't sell our ranks for real money, but for skill levels achieved, items and cash earned ingame. Our servers are located at IP: play.goldenappleserver.org:26133 The Survival Server has naturally spawning Giant Mobs, Jobs and HorseStore plugins. Brilliant Mobarenas help you earn extra goodies! Fun new Parkour being built! The Towny Server allows PVP in the wilderness for those who enjoy a bit of challenge. The Skyblock Server is a great non-PVP challenge game. The Creative Server is mixed game-mode. You can choose /gm 1 or 0. Earn more land area as you play. Great staff, friendly atmosphere, beautiful worlds for dedicated builders. Come join us! This is a server you can call home.


#232 Commander Craft

mc.commander-craft.com - Australia
Version: BungeeCord 1.8

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Commander Craft is a relatively new Minecraft server. We aim to provide an amazing community for you to play Minecraft with an awesome collection of plugins to make it exciting and interesting. [b]What can you expect from Commander Craft:[/b] - [b]Full 1.8[/b] - Caring staff and owners - Growing community - Awesome donor perms - No lag and 100% uptime [b]Survival Features:[/b] - ALL players have /fly for FREE - Custom swords plugin which allows the crafting of special swords - The ability to sell claim blocks - Cool pets plugin - Lottery plugin - Donor perms you might not see often on other servers such as /enchant /speed /spawner /spawnmob - Dynamic map integrated with our website - Massive PVP Arena - Spleef Arena - Wither Arena - mcMMO - Mob head drops - Automated furnace system - Mob Arena - Grief prevention [i]Sound exciting Come join us now at mc.commander-craft.com![/i]


#233 AceBrosMC

acebrosmc.no-ip.org:25566:0 - Australia
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/0 - Votes: 0

Ace Bros MC has a survival world, a spawn world and a creative world for players who want the ability to stay on 1 server but play different modes. We are trying to grow the server and build a community, we look forward to people coming to play on the server and we look forward to meeting people.


#234 SuperNetwork

supernetwork.mcalias.com:25692 - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/23 - Votes: 0

SuperNetwork is a server full of fun! it involves, PvP, Survival, Factions, Minigames and more! Join to find out more!

#235 Jaymo Craft

mc.jaymoserver.tk - Australia
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/20 - Votes: 0

#236 Shadow PVP - 24/7 - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/5 - Votes: 0

Come join this SMEXY server now!! WEBSITE - http://shadowpvps.enjin.com/home DONATE - mcshadowpvp.buycraft.net

#237 Aukitpvp

aukitpvp.pw:25566 - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

This is a kit pvp server hosted in Australia. You get good connection and you can practice pvp and get better.

#238 homecraft

homecraft109.no-ip.biz - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

homecraft is a new server and we have just upgraded we have all new server so come join us

#239 Hide And Seek Blocks

mcbaconblocks.zapto.org - Australia
Version: 1.5.2

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

Hide And Seek blocks is were your a block and someones in, if they find you your in to, so its a really fun game!

#240 Nam_craft [survival][MCMMO][Fun] - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

Awesome survival with mcmmo plugin and Zombie apocalypse and more!! join now and you will get 9 diamond. No admin request. We are all friendly and welcome here :D We are looking forward to see new happy players.

#241 Legacy Gaming - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

Legacy Gaming is a sever hosted in Australia. There are many staff members so don't join and ask to be a Staff Member. The sever can hold up to 50 players. Legacy Gaming has SkyBlock, Survival, One In The Chamber, Splegg, Walls Pvp And More Coming See U There!!

#242 ✔ The Shed ✔ (1.6.4) (EPIC)

theshed.me - Australia
Version: 1.8.2-pre1

- Users: 0/50 - Votes: 0

An epic server that you will have alot of fun playing on if you do choose to come on!

#243 Aussie Craft - Australia
Version: 1.7.10

- Users: 0/10 - Votes: 0

Free Minecraft Server startup.!

#244 Espercraft.net

mc.espercraft.net - Australia
Version: 1.8

- Users: 0/30 - Votes: 0

New map aussie hosted server every one welcome

#245 PantsCraft - Australia
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/90 - Votes: 0

*Quick Description* - Factions - PVP - PVP Arena - 24/7 - Friendly Staff - No Lag

#246 The Legion Gaming Team - Australia
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/25 - Votes: 0

Ip - factions pvp arena shop economy


#247 HeroCore

herocore.minecraftr.us - Australia
Version: 1.7.9

- Users: 0/200 - Votes: 0

Hey guys, I am zAHerobrineAz the Founder of HeroCore! 24/7 - Factions - Pvp - Survival - HG - PlotWorld - Hub/Network IN BETA MODE SO ITS NOT CRACKED YET! I COULD HIRE YOU TO MAKE THE SERVER LOGO/BANNER! FAQ: 1Q: So why isn't this server built yet? 1A: Because it's in BETA MODE! 2Q: Why isn't this cracked yet? 2A: ITS IN BETA MODE! I AM RECRUITING THE OFFICIAL DEVELOPERS AND YOU MAY BE A LUCKY ONE!

#248 ZombieEyeCraft

zombieeyecraft.zapto.org - Australia
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/100 - Votes: 0

Hey Guys vote and get awesome rewards... Our Server Is still deciding to be cracked or premium please go to our website and help us decide in suggestions... www.zombieeyecraft.enjin.com ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE

#249 Phase - 13 | Vanilla MCMMO - Australia
Version: 1.7.2

- Users: 0/40 - Votes: 0

Our Vanilla MCMMO server is a survival server for all types of players. Build anything, anywhere with anyone. Grief prevention is available along with several other protection plugins. Come and try it out!

#250 Prison - AussieTech

prison.aussietech.info - Australia
Version: 1.6.4

- Users: 0/500 - Votes: 0

Hello Guys we are looking for donators as we are going Broke and we need some people to come and play and advertise our server cause its so awesome its one of the best Prison Servers out there...